November 03, 2015

Shaandaar Shit !

Thanks to some generous friends, we were gifted passes to spend a few hours in INOX! Unfortunately, the box office was going through a lean patch and the only movie we could watch in the day time with good seating available on a Sunday was this grand shit! (Talvar, we had seen as you might realise from the previous post.)

Anyways, this is a story of two insomniac bores who were made to have similar tastes so that they could fall in love and sleep together (literally) ! Well, they could well have dozed off if they had seen the movie earlier.

All said and done, it is a brilliantly made movie. You just have to leave your brains at home. (Yes, at home - coz otherwise, you wouldn't buy tickets for this movie.) Its more a childish movie than anything. Whether it is the dialogues or the story or the inanity of the entrire 'show off' drama, it has to be written by someone who has the IQ of a seventh grader, if not less. Or, they were trying to impress Rahul Gandhi.

Acting is pretty decent, in fact I'd say very good. You need good acting skills to act as unnatural as the characters in the movie. Its the only positive side of the movie - the popcorn and coke aside!

The movie brings us back to THE QUESTION I asked a good 7 years back! 

A moon and seven stars to the movie! Din mein chaand taare dikha diye!