April 14, 2012

Ambedkarism, my foot!

The Father of the Great Indian Constitution must be turning in his grave today at the sight of the gross distortion of his ideals in making our society abolish the medieval and archaic system of untouchability and low castes.

What Ambedkar wanted was equality for all.

What Ambedkar wanted was abolishment of caste system.

What Ambedkar wanted was brotherhood amongst all.

What Ambedkar wanted was a society that was one.

He drafted the constitution with an aim to do just that, bring about a reign of equality.

But man being man and the politician being the politician he is, distorted all of Baba Saheb's ideals for his selfish benefit and made the term equality vanish from our society. Ambedkar wanted all castes to be equal; our politicians want them divided. They create a vote-bank of upper, lower, middle, left, right, centre and what all type of castes are possible, lure them into fighting against their own brethren.

A couple of screenshots from the Indian Constitution's official website.

The Preamble promises to secure Equality of Status and Opportunity to all citizens.

The Fundamental Right to Equality mentions Prohibition of Discrimination on grounds of caste and Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment.

This was the vision of the Great Baba Saheb.

Today's politicians have completely changed that. For their own selfish means, they have brought about the Reservation revolution. They have divided the country on basis of caste and religion. They have created the General class, the backward castes and the scheduled ones. They have removed equality of citizens in all areas and created a discriminatory scenario across the country.

Two kids who geow up together sharing all joys and sorrows suddenly find themselves in a couldron of inequality. One from a Backward caste and one Forward. Supposedly. In all other aspects they are equal. They look similar, they grew up similarly, their parents are similarly educated and employed. They reside in similar apartments. They drive the same model of car.

Entrance exam time. Equality. Both get very similar ranks.

Admission time. Gross inequality. One gets a plum seat in a posh college, the other relegated to a non-descript one on the city outskirts with limited facilities. Is this equality? Is this what the Father of the constitution envisaged?

You have created a barrier when there was none, you bloody politicians.

You have no right to celebrate the Great Baba Saheb and his Jayanti.

I dare the Supreme Court, which passes random orders taking into cognisance petty news articles to do anything in this regard. 

I know its wishful thinking. Baba Saheb did not know that!


Biraj said...

You think they are celebrating Dr. Ambedkar's B'day? All farce! I'm sure they do ALL that they do with a mechanical mindset..which would serve them in public eye.. or ofcourse with a superior selfish motive. Coz had they had ANY respect for the country or the people who were important in the freedom struggle, India would certainly have been some other way today.

That all said, I'm sure Baba saheb would certainly turn in his grave for appreciating this post! :)

Chakoli said...

So much frustu?

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Biraj.. Thanks :)

Chaks.. of course.. those bastards are ruining the nation!