May 31, 2010

C'monwealth shames

Post Date: May 31st, 2010

100 days prior to the event.

Prediction source: Dad

Prediction: The 2010 Commonwealth Games scheduled in Delhi to be postponed.

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Yes, you read it right. This is Dad's bhavishyavani. According to him, since the Games organising committee is way behind schedule in the construction of the stadia, inftastructure and the general development of Delhi as a city - with just 100 days to go for the event - and the works would not be completed given that the monsoon's just around the corner, the Government of India would postpone the event.

And the reason. According to Dad, there would be a bomb blast(s) in the capital or atleast a fake security threat which would be given as the reason for pushing back the event.

I do not know how far-fetched this seems, but I'm waiting to see if the bhavishyavani comes true!


Anjuli said...

am just keeping my fingers crossed. I just hope the games start on schedule.

you were supposed to come to mumbai on the 30th, what happened?

Vrij said...

Hey Anjuli.. yep, me too keeping the fingers crossed. And I'll be in Mumbai from 3rd-5th.

SloganMurugan said...

If it's profitable for the organisers, it will be postponed.

KG said...

Truly a shame.

Mysterious Mia said...

holly molly....
i dunno what to say

Shas said...

I really wonder if they will be ready on time if they do then i will call it the 11th wonder of the world.

The unsure ascetic said...

dude, your dad for sure knows indian politics and their mind set. you are right, they could possible come up with sth like that