November 13, 2009

Tagged after long

Tagged by Zephyr, so here we go. Actually doing a tag after a long long time! Reminiscing those old days when tags were common and it was fun doing the variety of them..

Current mood: Expectant

Current food craving(s): Pani puri at Haryana Chat Bhandar, opp High Court, Hyderabad.

I am searching for: some real good movie

I wish I didn't feel: well....

An observation about me: I think I need to be more involved and aggressive

Right now I would rather be: On a beach side enjoying the cold wind on my face!

A dream: To be able to root out corruption

In my previous life: Must have been a great person. I seem to dream about great things only!

I can be happy: Doing absolutely nothing for the entire day, switching channels and hogging chips! 

An oxymoronic thing I want: Fast and furious cars which do not pollute and drink less fuel!

I end up usually: sleeping

I am fascinated by: politicians; and politicians in the garb of sportsmen

A hidden ability: Can it remain hidden? I don't want to reveal classified secrets!

I want to learn: Italian Cuisine

My favourite radio stations: Vividh Bharathi, RED FM 93.5

My favourite part of the day: If its for sleeping, anytime!

My favourite colours: Blue, Yellow, 

A thing I could change about myself: My compulsive habit of procrastination

My favourite artistes: Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla, Big B

My favourite poison(s): Nimbu soda, Masala Thums Up

I listen to: Old Bollywood music.. the older the better. Any other melodious songs with good lyrics.

I read: Sherlock Holmes & Robin Cook. Over and over and over again!

I watch: F1, Cricket, News and Youtube vids

A gadget I want: A 12MP camera touch screen walkman mobile with extended GPS

A gadget I want to replace: My nice LG 21" TV with a 42" LED HDTV

Current desire: To have the above two wishes come true!

Now, who's doing the follow up? Shruti, Shru, Nikita, Kash, Kachra, Swat?


Aaarti said...

Interesting tag...

Btw, why would u say - "I wish I didn't feel: well...."hmmm..
Oh and i love ur last 2wishes.. may they come true... i would love to own one as well!! :D

Ria said...

nice tag. :) hw r u doin??

n.aka.zephyr said...

I can happily sit in front of the telly the entire day as well!! I am a bona fide couch potato:)

Shruti said...

oye!! who Shruti? Who Shru? Whom have u tagged?? It isn't me, is it? Since u haven't told me anything about it, I think I can assume that *ahem*

Shruti said...

sleep, procrastination, nimboo soda.. aila! I see my reflection again! :P
I love ur first gadget minus the touchscreen. I tend to sleep on my phone a lot :|

Vrij said...

@ Aarti.. Well.. somethings shud remain hidden! And if u get those gadgets before I do, hand over them to me!

@ Ria.. I'm doing gr8 babes.. u tell..

@ Zephy.. Yep, couchie!

@ Shru.. well, thats u! Shruti is 'Hits n misses'!
And yes, how may reflections of urs do u see in me?

Shruti said...

its a long list :)

Vrij said...

Hahaha.. kindly elaborate!

Amita said...

I am also eying the 42" LED .. ;)

Shruti said...

oyi! wake up! kuch likho! ;)

Shas said...

Interesting answers. A tag well-done.

Anonymous said...

nice one... ahve seen a tag after really a long time