November 13, 2009

Tagged after long

Tagged by Zephyr, so here we go. Actually doing a tag after a long long time! Reminiscing those old days when tags were common and it was fun doing the variety of them..

Current mood: Expectant

Current food craving(s): Pani puri at Haryana Chat Bhandar, opp High Court, Hyderabad.

I am searching for: some real good movie

I wish I didn't feel: well....

An observation about me: I think I need to be more involved and aggressive

Right now I would rather be: On a beach side enjoying the cold wind on my face!

A dream: To be able to root out corruption

In my previous life: Must have been a great person. I seem to dream about great things only!

I can be happy: Doing absolutely nothing for the entire day, switching channels and hogging chips! 

An oxymoronic thing I want: Fast and furious cars which do not pollute and drink less fuel!

I end up usually: sleeping

I am fascinated by: politicians; and politicians in the garb of sportsmen

A hidden ability: Can it remain hidden? I don't want to reveal classified secrets!

I want to learn: Italian Cuisine

My favourite radio stations: Vividh Bharathi, RED FM 93.5

My favourite part of the day: If its for sleeping, anytime!

My favourite colours: Blue, Yellow, 

A thing I could change about myself: My compulsive habit of procrastination

My favourite artistes: Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla, Big B

My favourite poison(s): Nimbu soda, Masala Thums Up

I listen to: Old Bollywood music.. the older the better. Any other melodious songs with good lyrics.

I read: Sherlock Holmes & Robin Cook. Over and over and over again!

I watch: F1, Cricket, News and Youtube vids

A gadget I want: A 12MP camera touch screen walkman mobile with extended GPS

A gadget I want to replace: My nice LG 21" TV with a 42" LED HDTV

Current desire: To have the above two wishes come true!

Now, who's doing the follow up? Shruti, Shru, Nikita, Kash, Kachra, Swat?

November 01, 2009

If you are travelling by train...

Folks, if any of you are booked on a train over the next few days, just make sure that you confirm the departure timing of your train atleast a day before. From Nov 1, a new time table comes into place on the Indian Railways.

You can confirm the same by either logging onto the Indian Railway website or E-Rail, or maybe check out the online Time Table PDFs, Or call the Indian Railways Calle centre 139!

Have a happy journey !