October 20, 2009

Fun-da !

Being associated with the BPO sector can sometimes give you access to some funny moments. I work part-time in a medical transcription company training people from varied backgrounds in Medicine and medical terminologies.

When the company hires trainees, they are asked to give a test. A part of this is an essay which helps to show the candidates general knowledge and his/her language skills. This is the part which gives us some funny moments. No disregard to the persons who wrote the following gems, but these are indeed funny!

Al Gore and Pachoria will suffer a massive myocardial infarction if they ever get to know that Global warming is an essential concept developed by the Government to protect the environment!

Saniya(!) Mirza plays tennis with shutlies and coc?? Volleyboll played on the thumb? Sorry? And we knew that the IPL and ICL were ruining traditional cricket, but to this extent was not known!

PS: Click on the images to enlarge them


  1. ROFLLllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL! I liked the last one the most! After all, even I am part of the "RAPEdly" (WTF!) growing young "genration!" :P

  3. LMAO!! :P Cant stop laughing....

  4. Rapedly! LOL!!!
    Thankful to the govt. for introducing Global warming? Double LOL!!!
    You have an interesting part-time job :D But do you really use a red pen and all ? :P

  5. uddi baba...
    hahahahhaha... thats too much :D :D

  6. achha to yeh hota global warming! :))
    U know Vrij.. that sports paper.. Wolf speaks that kind of English. These ppl have a habit to insert 'the' wherever they can.
    Funny.. but pathetic!
    (waise, had read the first pic before lecture. the rest, well.. it wasn't easy on phone!)
    790 ka document mode mast hai na? :)

  7. You must follow global warming, ok?
    Follow it all around the globe, ok?

  8. Dude ... me laughing is something very simple to say ... Rolling on the floor is kind of appropriate .. but my tummy hurts ... u call it fun ... i can imagine how u wud have felt reading about sania mirza playing with a shuttile and coc ROTFL :)) and Global warming developed by govt :))) .... man kids have awesome understanding on this .. and be western ROTFL :)) .. too much dude .. u made my day :))

  9. people sure have wacko imaginations...

    hahaha hahaha... funny read[ but somewhere i feel sad that there are ppl like this, totally ignorant n lost in their own sweet world]..

  10. Okay! So we have a funny bone here :P That was splendid =)

    I'm speaking big words. Sometimes even I act so ignorant :|

  11. Hi vrij!
    Visit my profile, Something is waiting for you :)

  12. yes, vrij this is real 'chai biscute' very cute indeed; right from abc to the very thoughts all deserve accolades. i quote a post graduate, "groundwater occurs in atmosphere..."
    this is fitting summary of the way young minds can work, too much westernisation!!!

  13. Vrij,
    My sympathies with you for reading this stuff :D I swear AL Gore, Sani'y'a Mirza and the entire western society might contemplate committing collective suicide if they ever came across your post! HAHAHAHAHA... :D