October 16, 2009


Biwi wants to burn crackers this Diwali. She loves crackers.

I'm a huge supporter of a No-Cracker Diwali and have been practicising the same for close to a decade now.

Folks, kindly advise an amicable future course of action.

And yes, a Very Happy Deepawali to You All :)


Here are 10 good reasons why you should have a Cracker-free Diwali...

10. Crackers are very costly.

9. You are encouraging Child Labour by using crackers.

8. Most of the shops you buy these from, do not adhere to the Excise Dept guidelines.

7. Crackers release a lot of Ultra-violet and Infrared radiation, which are harmful to the eyes and the body parts.

6. Diwali (Deepavali) is a festival of lights, not sound. Crackers can cause deafness.

5. Maximum number of Burn cases are reported in the Diwali season due to the improper use of crackers.

4. Humans might be able to protect themselves, but the crackers have a deep physical and mental impact upon animals.

3. Most crackers do not adhere to the Govt guidelines on Noise pollution and the sound of these crackers is above the permitted levels. In short, many are Illegal.

2. Levels of Air pollution, which are already high in India, reach astronomical levels on Diwali and can be very harmful to the human body.

1. Crackers and Fireworks are the single largest cause of respiratory diseases like Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and other Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases, and also a major cause of fright amongst the elderly which can lead to disastrous consequences on their health.

So, hopefully, you would have a fun-filled, beautiful and cracker free Diwali.


Anjuli said...

Happy Diwali to you and your family, I have got one packet of 'phuljhari' I think that much should be allowed :)

Shruti said...

Deeptawali! Hahahaaa!! well said :D :P
and hey me too!! No-Cracker Diwali since 10-12 years! :) My Diwali has been typically silent and very very sweet (and fattening ;)) :)
Why are ur points numbered 10 to 1 and not 1 to 10? aap kya ulta ginti karte ho? :P :P
The pets.. mmm.. my poor cats used to go and hide in places we dint know existed, in our house! When we'd give up looking for them, and when the noises died down, they'd slowly come out looking like they'd just seen a ghost :(
good ones! I'm linking this to my blog!

Shruti said...
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Shruti said...

Wish u, Deepta and Vidip and the entire family a very happy Diwali too! :)

Aaarti said...

Completely agree with every word out here....

Thanks and Happy Diwali to you too Vrij and your lovely family as well!!:)

Gayathri said...

Well, I still love fire crackers, but I stopped bursting them a few years ago for some of the reasons you mentioned. Unfortunately, I think you shouldn't enforce your principles on another person. I know it is a good one, but better to let a person realise it by themselves. (My brother stopped many years ago but never tried talking me into it.) What do you think?
Happy Deepavali!!!

Chakoli said...


maine to crackers jalaye... mere nephew ki pehli diwali hti na ;-)

Vrij said...

Anjuli.. Thats the same I did.. one box of phuljhadis for biwi n beta!

Shru.. I'm surprised that there are places in ur house that u dint know. Well, how wud u, coz there is no water tank which has its tap turned off!

Aarti.. Thanx and wish u the same!

G3... hmm.. thats a good thought. maybe I should make amends!

Chaks.. ok, ok!

Ria said...

Ha ha!!that was cute. :) Hope u had a gr8 diwali. And i liked the title. :P

Shruti said...


The Unknown Soldier said...

some years back on an inspired diwali i had posted http://planetpranav.com/2006/10/21/diwali-festival-of-child-labour-pollution-and-insensitivity-towards-animals/