August 08, 2009

Is it time?

Don't you think its time for a new template for my blog? Yes, indeed. So I've started once again taking something off the available templates and tweaking them to my requirements. I guess by tomorrow, the modelling of the same will be complete and it will be available for viewing!

All the blogs followed might not be visible in the blogroll initially, but give me a few days, and you will find your name on the blogroll!

Till then, you can do the following...

  • Pray for some inspired cricket by the Poms :)

  • Open and have fun oogling at those beautiful things featured there!

  • Watch Sach ka Saamna videos at

  • Get your cameras out of the closet and take snaps of traffic violators, then post them on your blog.

  • Count the number of times you swear in the next twenty seven hours. Have a glass of water for each count!
And if you still can't spend on enuf time.. count the seconds till the new template goes live!


Ria said...

good luck for the new template. :)

Sindhu :) said...

Yehhh bhai! >:D< how you been?

Anjuli said...

yes yes its time :)

Ankur said...

no... :P
y to change when its not wanted! :D

but really.. if i drink for every time i swear... then doc sahab maine suna hai ki brain swollens if u drink extra water!! :P :P

Shruti said...

I'm thirrrrsty!!! I don't swear!! :P
btw.. keep giving links like those ok? :D