May 25, 2009

Biryani edges Bisi Bele Bhaath

What a match! And what a tournament!

Atleast if one is a fan of the Deccan Chargers, who came from being at the bottom of the table last year to take it all this time around! Kudos to Gilly and his bunch of dedicated fellas who did not lose hope and gave a tough fight to all their opponents. And a huge round of applause to the Royal Challengers for showing that you can come back to the top after you have had your backs to the wall.

But all the great work put up on the field by the cricketers was negated by the horrendous job done by the broadcasters. Ram Gopal Verma might just shortlist Mandira Bedi for the lead role in the sequel to his Bhoot. Gaurav Kapoor can easily replace the laughter track in any sidey comedy show. And Sameer Kochar was so good, that I actually missed Navjot Singh Sidhu.

When it came to Sherry and his 'Siddhuisms', they atleast conveyed some meaning and any linguist would be proud of the vocabulary used. Not Mr Kochar. Like being at the boundary before the start of the final and asking the spectators, " U guys here to enjoy the match?". "Naah, we have more fun listening to your Kocharisms!!" Seriously, why else would they have come to a cricket ground? To see a mujra or something?? (well, that too, what wid Kat babes going Jai Ho with her booty and bubbles!) Next up was the talk with Rohit Sharma after DC put up a meagre 143 on the board. RS explained that although the score did not seem much, it was defendable because the pitch was slowing down, showing low bounce and the spinners were able to get some good spin out of it. And then the next question was again a great Kocharism... "How is the pitch behaving like?" Now, did not RS just talk about it? What were you doing while he answered? Oogling at the cheergirls behind? And in a previous match, he mentioned that J. Singh replaced H. Singh in the DC line up and even had the guts to mention on air that he did not know what J abbreviated for!!!


A couple of more things related to the IPL that interested me were the adverts. No, not the 'strategically' placed ones, but the regular ones. The best one is no doubt the Zoozoo series. They looked cute initially, but more than the characters, I loved the concept of each and every advert in the series. And exceptionally well executed. Vodafone (and erstwhile Hutch) adverts rock!


Another wonderful advert that caught my attention is the Voltas AC advert. Great concept about the villages getting electricity if we use their ACs. I truly appreciate the brains behind the advert who made using ACs an energy-saving mantras!! Now all the mantris and their chamchas will have the "India ka AC" in their homes so that they can fulfil their election promises of giving power to the farmers. Even if they do not succeed, no one can fault them for they atleast made every effort possible by installing ACs in every nook and corner of their homes!


Talking of mantris, I'll be the happiest person on earth when the Union Cabinet allocates ministries based on individual merit. I love SM Krishna, but for all his greatness, I still feel that Shashi Tharoor is the best person(and not just the best politician) in the country for the post, but they still ignore him. Sharad Pawar has probably allocated more funds to grow grass in cricket stadia than to farmers to grow rice in the villages. What nuances of the finance ministry does a law graduate in Pranab know? Why not get someone who knows the subject? The less said about the DMK tamasha the better. They probably provided more masala than the Chennai Super Kings did all month long.


Coming back to the power situation, Hyderabadis have been facing one or two hourly power cuts everyday due to demand overshooting supply. But still half of the city was lit up with disco lighting to celebrate the Congress victory in AP. I mean, do you have any sense? Why the hell should we pay for your enjoyment?


The weekend just gone by did nothing much to place a dent on the Brawn GP F1 car of Jenson Button, but it also showed that the Ferrari team were regrouping and had closed the gap to a certain degree. And hopefully in a race or two, will actually fight for the Chequered Flag! Yo Tifosa!


GMail is awesome. It allows me to pick up my rediff, hotmail, yahoo mails and view them all in one inbox. Plus I can now have multiple inboxes on one page to view these accounts separately. So totally awesome. And yeah, the attachment reminder, Undo send, super labels and the many more labs features that can be added on! Google, hats off. Now, only if I could get my Yahoo and MSN messenger contacts on the same page...


I was thinking of revamping this blog design. Suggest what base colour would suit it. And if anyone has a great template that gels with the theme of my blog, do let me know!


TD23 said...

hi there
after Mumbai Indians crashed outta the tournament, if there was one team that i was really lookin fwd to lift the cup, it was DC. Inspite of all my friends talking about Daredevils and CSK, i supported DC and it won and how!
yeah apart from the matches the fillers were a BORE. i mean Mandira Bedi interviewin SRK for bloody 30 mins in a cricket tournament!?! it was fuckin crazy. and Kocchar, the less said bout him the betta. Sucker couldnt talk shit! the fakeiplplayer could have done a better job in his place:P what say:P:P

didnt know that Gmail allows u to access other mails. that is a real neat feature now:D

take care

Sridhar Joshi said...

Goodly written, Vrij. Yes, The zoozoos are a great with all of us at home. My blog is updated too - with Pongal. Leave your comments.

Vrij said...

TD... good to see u here after a long time. Yes, the telecasts were boring. Even on the final day, Salman talked more about Dus ka dum than about IPL. The less said about Shilpa Shetty the better. And yeah, Gmail is simply too good!

Vrij said...

Joshiji.. Pongal tasted.. Awesome !!

Ria said...

Hmm..apt title for the apt topic. :) Btw i love hyderabadi biryani. :P

Anonymous said...

One of my friends had this status update on the finals day ' beer v/s biryani'! Heh, I was really confused as to who I should support! Whether my fave city B'lore or the native Golts!

Vrij said...

Ria.. Thanx. So when r u joining me for the Biryani?

Vrij said...

Swat.. whom were u supporting?

Anjuli said...

Many thoughts on ur mind right? I really had thought this post would be a foodie post lol!