April 27, 2009


It's quite funny when someone shies away from even mentioning a rival!

That is what is happening here in Hyderabad. With the Times of India!!

Have a look at these pages.. these are from the TOI epaper.







Did you by chance happen to find the term 'Deccan Chargers' anywhere
on these pages/articles?

So what if the team is owned by its rival in the newspaper business
Deccan Chronicle? Does the team loose its identity? And does the team
represent Hyderabad? I was given to understand that it was to source
its players from Hyderabad, Andhra, Chattisgarh and Orissa. So why
this differentiation?


Ria said...

Really weird stuff!!i dunno why does TOI have to act so childish. After all the team does represent Hyd!! May be they seem to hav forgotten that.

иidhi S said...

This is seriously sooooo weird. I had never expected such a thing from TOI. I really like the newspaper and we get hat only at home. But this so immature of them to not mention a team's name at all.
A big bleh to such a behavior. they are in desperate need to Grow up guys.

Anonymous said...

SRK always present.

SloganMurugan said...

Well, Nothing new for TOI. :)
That's one city they are yet to crack.

Pramod said...

I recently heard Melinda Gates was not allowed by Bill Gates to own an iPod by Bill Gates!!!!

Interesting though!!!

Deccan Chargers are doing well and are top 2 on ladder, but one thing they are definitely winning is the Best Cheerleading squad :D:D:D:D

Vrij said...

Ria... seriously!

Nidhi.. I swear they need to grwo up!

Hobo.. Oh yep!

SM.. yep, they cant crack DC.

RP.. Oopsie.. Bill Gates too? And yep, DC CGs will top anyone!

Koel said...

da 1st thing i always do n also did today [7/5] was 2 read chronicle hyderabad , trust me your pic n article bit was what i read n saw the moment i woke up.......wat u've written is so TRUE, i did notice it ever since IPL started.......but as blogging is a BIG turn off for me, i didnt care to write about it, but have had this thought in my head long back.........!! rivalries exist in all the professions so do in the print also, TOI shows it off in this way.......i thought of emailing u my feedback as thats my most preferable method to convey my views but as i cudnt trace your email id in your blog, iam writing this........!! n e ways v do have so much in common, it'l take time for me to read ur whole blog.........n e ways reading blogs isnt a turn off for me!! hope to hear from you soon....!!

Vrij said...

@ Koel.. Good to hear that u liked my blog. My email is vrijATrediffmailDOTcom and you can get in touch wid me at that!

And yes, the papers do need to show some maturity atleast in such cases.