April 27, 2009


It's quite funny when someone shies away from even mentioning a rival!

That is what is happening here in Hyderabad. With the Times of India!!

Have a look at these pages.. these are from the TOI epaper.







Did you by chance happen to find the term 'Deccan Chargers' anywhere
on these pages/articles?

So what if the team is owned by its rival in the newspaper business
Deccan Chronicle? Does the team loose its identity? And does the team
represent Hyderabad? I was given to understand that it was to source
its players from Hyderabad, Andhra, Chattisgarh and Orissa. So why
this differentiation?

April 15, 2009


जब बेहरों का लगा है बाज़ार मेरे भाई...

तो क्यूँ चिल्ला रहे हो बेकार मेरे भाई !

..So said the TV Actor and part-time poet Rakesh Bedi. So true !

April 05, 2009

Wondering why ...

Wondering why...

... none of the political parties have mentioned 'local area development' in their agendas?

... none of the political parties have mentioned 'local area safety' in their manifestos while downplaying their opponents' anti-terrorism agendas?

... none of the political parties have talked about 'sustainable and scientific agriculture' in their speeches while doling out a kilo of rice at 2 rupees?

... none of the political parties have spoken a word about 'renewable sources of energy' like solar and wind power while announcing grand schemes of free power to farmers?

... none of the political parties have committed on rooting out corruption as a priority?

... none of the political parties have said anything about not giving tickets to criminal record holders?

... none of the political parties have uttered a word about propagating communal harmony in the population?

... none of the political parties have propagated the family planning mantra?

... none of the political parties have stated anything pertaining to abolishing the caste system of the society?