February 19, 2009

Welcome Home.... :)

This is a post specially for our dear blogger friend Sindhu.

She has just joined a new company Genpact (I suppose thats what the BPO arm of GE is called!). I have something interesting to tell about this company. I have atleast 5 relatives who work in the company including two cousins. In our circles, GE does not mean General Electric but it abbreviates for Get Engaged!!

Yes, my cousins as well as the other relatives were unmarried prior to joining GE. Within a year of joining, they got engaged and are now happily married! See what a company can do to your marital bliss!

I'm sure that anyone who follows Sindhu's blog knows about 'her boss'! But lemme clarify that there is no truth in that story and it was just to pull her leg that I created it! And the entire blogville has had enough and more funny moments coz of it. I hope that with SIndhu joining GE, the boss episode comes to an end... and a new one (and a real one) does crop up!!

I'm 100% confident that Sindhu's status message would change to Committed/ Engaged/ Married in one year time from this day. Mark my words. Its not just me, you and the blogville thats in anticipation, but also Hyderabad's largest selling newspaper!! Over to you Sin...


  1. Ha ha :)) Salvation finally! From the boss affair torture :D

    Now this is really interesting news! Very very interesting indeed :D

    And yea - an astrologer said the same - that my status would be changed to 'at least' committed before the end of the year - lets see how good this particular thing also holds for me! :D :D

    Lots to look forward to, in this year, after all! :))

  2. Interesting....please update as soon as this clicks :)

  3. Some more things after I re-read the post.. :D

    [1] Just as a clarification, am NOT working in the call center! :D

    [2] I didn't notice that DC ad completely before. Even they are waiting? :D Cool. I should tell them to change the spelling a little, though! :D

  4. hahahaha.. now, this is super interesting!!!

    @Sindhu -- you better keep us posted....lolz!!:D

  5. Sindhu will give us new stories from now :D
    The ad is SO apt. LOL.

  6. NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    u killed it VB!!! Y Y Y did u kill the Boss episode!!!! I want re Runs of tht now! :P

  7. anyways!!! congrats meher!!! ;)

    ROFLLll @ the Ad tho!!! hhhmmmmmm ;)

  8. Wow! tht looks interesting. :) The ad was really good!!

  9. i didnt know GE join karne se aaisa bhi hota hai....hmmmmmmmmmm

  10. hehehehe... that was indeed funny.
    Plz Vrij, do keep us updated.
    Arrey ushud have told me earlier na.... wud have joined Genpact instead of this bpo :P

  11. Genpact is not in GE group anymore. GE ditched it long ago.

  12. I know similar stories where people during their stint at GE got married...

  13. Oh yeah, i know a lot friends at HSBC and Dell too who have got successfully engaged....