February 09, 2009

Burglary in daylight

Just happened to visit 'Brand Factory' yesterday and needed to pick up some groceries and toileteries. The total bill came up to Rs 515. Apparently, under some scheme, if the bill amount crosses 500 bucks, you get a kilo of sugar for free. Great.

I generally check the bill for discrepancies whenever I shop at these stores, as invariably some errors creep in. This time around, it wasnt an error. It was simply terror.

A lot of stores bill the free item given and then deduct the amount as a whole as discounts/promos. Fine. These chaps went a bit further. They did discount those 24 bucks the sugar cost them, but they did it through a different process. They reduced between 3-6 bucks in each of the other items that I purchased!!

Now, what difference does it make?

Well, one thing I bought was the All Out mosquito repellant refill. Its original cost was 120 bucks for 2 units. The store has a discounted price of 102 bucks. When it was being billed originally, the computer showed the rate as 102. But after adding the free sugar, suddenly this becomes 96 bucks!

Two things here. One, the store pays less profits to the manufacturer in the name of giving more sale to the products. So, All Out looses out on 6 bucks from my bill alone! Secondly, sugar is a non-taxable product. All Out attracts 11% VAT. By transferring 6 bucks in my bill alone from All Out to Sugar, the store saves about 66paise on tax from my bill alone! Just imagine how much savings.. err.. cheating, these guys would do in a day.. and in a month!

From my bill of Rs 515, they saved say about 2-3 bucks. If their total billing goes for about 50K in a day, they siphon off atleast about 2-3K!! And I'm being conservative. Bloody fuckin burglars.

I'm actually tempted to go back, return that packet of sugar and get my 24 bucks back! And I'm sure they cannot object as it has been billed and not given free! If they do object, I can just file a police complaint.. wat say?

BTW, if any of u are interested in raking up this issue, I still have the bill with me!


  1. I know...same thing happened with me...
    and those spencers store actually will have different price on PC and different on MRP....

  2. Okkamokka!!!!! i never havent analyses such things!!!! but this is lik DAmmmmmm!

  3. I never believe discounts/free stuff etc. etc.
    No income No business - Thats basics.

  4. i would be happy with a kg of free sugar. maybe not, only if i was charged more than the mrp for other things...

  5. I also check my bill generally due to such errors!i dont think telling the police will make any difference...i doubt if they will look into the case at all!!

  6. Oh,yes.. i've noticed such things at a particular store we used to shop at[on and off] and then stopped going there cos of this messs n now they have shut shop!!!

  7. OMG, i wasnt aware of this.....i need to be careful now, thanks for creating the awareness

  8. The point is you actually got the sugar for an amount for which you usually wouldn't have got it without the scheme. So its free innit?

    Let them be creative on how they do it.