February 02, 2009

As clean as a whistle

Ain't the Ozzies as clean as a whistle?


nomad said...

and still the aussies have the gall to call themselves sportsmen. the problem is not with haddin's take - it could have happened unintentionally.

the real issue is their holier than thou attitude. even after seeing this video, they call vettori low and cheap !!

Ria said...

he he good one! :) :P They r for sure.

Chakoli said...

This is what called attitude !!!

Prasad said...

ok!!! i cant see nethin!!! will go home and chk it out!

ceedy said...

Thanks for sharing

Vrij said...

@ Nomad

Agree, and Haddin has the gal to say that he did nothin wrong even after seeing the video.

@ Ria


@ Chaks

major attitude!

@ Pras

Could u see it dude?

@ Ceedy

Thanx bhai!