January 31, 2009

Pub or Culture?

Whats with our politicians and their sudden turn to morality now?

Whether its Gehlot or Yediyurappa, if they think that the pub culture is anti-Indian, they being the Chief Ministers of their states can bloody well put a ban on the pubs and discos. Or if they cannot ban them, then atleast they can curtail the timings of those pubs to something like 8 or 9 PM, what say?

Or maybe separate pubs for men from pubs for women?

Or probably, introduce prohibition once again!

That loosemouth Ramadoss now goes on record saying that the soon-to-be-born National Alcohol Policy will put an end to the pub culture. Good joke. He should probably look further than his home and office for the effect his ban on smoking in public has had! I dare Ramadoss to ban Alcohol and Cigarette sale in this country. I'm ready to lick his ass if he's successful in doing that.


Shruti said...

that is what these people are around for.. to say such things.. and to only 'say'. Ha..it took my scorpion stare to make a guy at the bus stop drop his ciggie..

Anonymous said...

It's our mistake bhai. We elected them! Sigh.

Ria said...

good post!and i am all for it too!! These ppl only know how to impose bans...and they call themselves a the custodians of Indian Culture!? Is tht a joke or wht!?

Vrij said...

@ Shruti

Totally agree... on my last train journey a week back, I had to tell atleast half a dozen people to throw the ciggie. I threatened them by taking their snaps and getting them fined by the TTE!

Vrij said...

@ Swat

Thats the irony... they get themselves elected by goondagardi and poll-rigging!

Vrij said...

@ Ria

Thanx. Many of our politicians have indeed become jokes!

Praddy said...

hmm who r they to impose things on us??

Anonymous said...

I want red-chillies to be banned. Is that Ok ?

Prasad said...

yea rite!!! ban on public smokin is or should i say was a GR8 joke! bannin liquor!! wowowowowow!!! then i guess we should all smokeup to get high!!1 yeppieeeeeeeeee!!!1

dumbas mofos!

Vrij said...

@ Praddy


@ Hobo

U just cannot do this to me... I survive on chillis and spicy food.

@ Pras

I am all for a smoking ban.. but not the way its being done!

Sneha Divakar said...

its already boiled down to 11.30 pm deadline on pubs and ban on dance floors in bangalore. i wonder if yedi govt can ever make sense