January 31, 2009

Pub or Culture?

Whats with our politicians and their sudden turn to morality now?

Whether its Gehlot or Yediyurappa, if they think that the pub culture is anti-Indian, they being the Chief Ministers of their states can bloody well put a ban on the pubs and discos. Or if they cannot ban them, then atleast they can curtail the timings of those pubs to something like 8 or 9 PM, what say?

Or maybe separate pubs for men from pubs for women?

Or probably, introduce prohibition once again!

That loosemouth Ramadoss now goes on record saying that the soon-to-be-born National Alcohol Policy will put an end to the pub culture. Good joke. He should probably look further than his home and office for the effect his ban on smoking in public has had! I dare Ramadoss to ban Alcohol and Cigarette sale in this country. I'm ready to lick his ass if he's successful in doing that.

January 27, 2009

Back !

Well.. sorry for being a bit... naah... quite a bit elusive for the last month or so. Haven't really been able to get the continuity of thoughts going for enough seconds to write a post.. although I do keep hopping by some blogs occasionally. And I just happened to be at Mia's where I read Aneri's comment on how we can just 'trash' out the junk that comes our way.

Although there was'nt much junk here, just the feeling that I was too busy! So, let me see if I can successfully trash that feeling over a sustained period. Anyways, since this post is completely impromptu... lemme make it something like an update post on what's keeping me busy.

  •  Vidip's doing great and is on his way to become one big 'brat' ! The fellow is not even four months old and shows tantrums! If someone at home does not talk(!) to him for a day or two, he gives the cold treatment by turning his face away from them, until he's mollified by apologising to him profusely!!!

  • He's turning around now and thats making us keep a tab on him continually, so that he's safe.

  • On a different note.. took out time this weekend to make a short n busy trip to Bangalore. It was a fun trip. For attending the Fourth Annual Convention of the IRFCA (Indian Railways Fan Club). Two days of only railway related banter. Awesome fun! Since people know that I'm an avid blogger, it has become an unsaid duty for me to be the blogger at these conventions. I was blogcasting the event live for those fellow railfans who could not attend the connvention and were following it diligently from across the globe. Check out the blog at http://bnc2009.wordpress.com (BNC is the station code of Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station).

  • The PM's hopefully doing great... but if he was diagnosed with 5 major arterial blocks last week, what the hell were his docs doing for the last few years? How did they let him develop those? Either it was the docs' or Mannu's negligence of his health!

  • The Ram Sena attack on the Mangalore pub was indeed sad. It was sad to see the activists beating up and molesting the women who were at the bar. The news channels showed really sad visuals reg this. Now answer this. How did all the news channels reach the pub and were able to shoot the scenes way before the police arrived at the scene? And yeah, it was Mangalore and not Bangalore where one could expect the media to be busy. I have a small premise. The attacks were already planned and the media was informed before hand. Its a sad state of affairs in this country.

  • The Aussie Open tennis is going great guns. Not too many upsets in the first week means that the second week should be fun to watch (or follow on the net)!

  • Why the hell is everyone so hooked on that crapshit of a serial that Balika Vadhu is?

  • I'd be back on Ambrosia very soon with something delicious!

Do keep a tab on this blog for the next post which would be a report of my trip to Bangalore! Cheers!