December 06, 2008


Can we actually revamp the political system of our country so that it becomes completely accountable?

In the system that is prevailing today, the politicians find themselves absolutely safe for 5 years once they are bought into power. No matter what happens to the nation or even their own constituency, they care a damn.

* Can we have a new system in place which could make the politicians accountable to the public every year?

* There must be an online politician rating system which should be monitored by an independent and autonomous agency with supreme powers.

* If the above voting system shows negative remarks on a certain MP/MLA/Minister, then a special confidence vote against the said politician should be taken up, and should the said person be found wanting, he should be debarred for life and the party he represents should be debarred for the next 5years in that constituency.

* Serious probing of the financial assets of each politician should be undertaken and any case of any report of misappropriation of funds, the politician should be tried for treason and not just in any normal criminal case.

* No politician holding a legislative seat should be allowed to any other position, whether public or private, unless so warranted by the Constitution. Case in point: Sharad Pawar with the BCCI.

* No post poll alliances between parties should be allowed. If need be, the single largest party/alliance should be allowed to form the government with a certain immunity.

* Political rallies should be banned. Instead, official all-party meets should be organised at all places where all parties contesting elections should be made to share one stage. No individual party meet should be allowed.

* Parties indulging in corupt practices should be barred from elections.

* Lok Ayukta should be given more powers and the citizen must be made closer to the same.

* The judiciary should be toughened and should be immune to political pressure. And also made accountable.

I'm still thinking... so expect more soon.. :)