November 17, 2008

More snaps of Vidip


Anonymous said...

All the babies look alike to me :|
Vidip... Aaawww..
Kaala Teeka!

Vrij said...

Thanx Swati :)

Anonymous said...

He looks like his Papa now :) I think so :)
And the mom is beautiful :)

And **touchwood** nazar na lage!

Sindhu :) said...

. ---? Kaala Teeka!

But you have forgotten us here after Vidip has come! :(

Keep writing to us here and keep talking about Vidip na :) It would be good to have more regular updates!

Sindhu :) said...


kaala teeka to D too :) She looks as pretty as ever!

When are we meeting up? Some other place this time! And you MUST bring V Jr too :)

Prasad said...

the one whr hez yawwwwnin!! awesomeeeeee!!!

tooo cute!!

Vrij said...

Dont think he looks like Papa. Papa isnt half as cute :)

Vrij said...


Thanx babes for the complis.. and yes, will be more regular with posting now.

Vrij said...



Pri said...

when i saw the first pic, i thought this is definitely going to be my fav and i will mention it here and then i saw the 2nd pic...and then the 3rd and the 4th and the .....:-/
totally confused which one to pick as a fav...
vidip is a born him! :)

Anjuli said...

arrey wah! lovely pics!

Aaarti said...

Absolutely adorable!!!
Am now waiting for a dear friend to pop, sunday is the day!!!:D

shuunya said...

Damn cute!! and yes, he looks like Papa..

Ria said...

OMG!he's so so cute....nazar utarlo uski plz.....he's simply adorable, i love the pic where he's yawning. Finally i get to c ur beautiful wife as well. She must b beaming na!!

Pavi!!!! said... sweet.... n i can see shes hoggin ALL ur time :)

Vrij said...

@ Pri


@ Anjuli

Thanx :)

@ Aarti

Thanx a ton :)

@ Shuunya

He looks like papa? Why dont u come down and verify first hand?

@ Ria

Thanx.. haan, nazar utaarli.. and yep, even I love the yawning pic!

@ Pavi

She? Nopes, He. :)

Anonymous said...

Choooo chweeet!!!

Kaala tikkkkkka again for sweet little baby :)))

Chakoli :))

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

Wowwww...looks grown up soooo soon. Touchwood!

Vrij said...

@ Chaks

Welcome back after a loooong break!
Thanx :)

@ Kanupriya

Thanx so much :)

Princess Mia said...

he has a naughty out buddy

Sindhu :) said...

I just decided to honor you with an award... please check my blog for more details :D

n.aka.zephyr said...

He is absolutely adorable and cute and lovely and oh my god.. I want to bite his cheeks!