November 27, 2008

I guess its time... High Time

I guess its time... High Time

Today Mumbai has been directly attacked. This is no stealth attack.
Its a face to face fight.

Either the bastards at the helm of the governments do something
concrete or there should be multiple A Wednesdays !!

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Sindhu :) said...

Hmm maybe time to see the movie. everyone's been talking about it

rantravereflect/ jane said...

fukn sad.. no stealth.. such a direct face off, high time teh bastards at the top do something abt it too..

shell -shocked still..

need to catch 'a wednesday'

Anonymous said...

i dnt freaking knw what to do~

Ria said...

i 2nd ur thoughts Vrij!!

Ria said...

I 2nd ur thoughts Vrij.

Sriram said...


Vrij said...

@ Sindhu

More than the movie.. its time somethings done.

@ Jane

yeah.. quite sad actually.

@ Veens

For starters, be alert.

@ Ria

Good 2 hear that!

@ Sriram


Pavi!!!! said...

Something has gotta be done n ASAP..thats very true.

Is A Wednesday that sumthing..the solution...I'm not quite sure.

иidhi S said...

Its a shame n shock.

what bugged me more ws the fact that they bloody wasted their energies on the RGV-Deshmukh, issue when there was so much more imortant waiting

Chakoli said...

Hey are u fine..
heard soem firing in hyderabad...

Princess Mia said...

i completely agree with you