September 24, 2008


Ok.. There is a tag again..

Basically lifted from Veens' Rat-a-Tat and Sneha's Warm fuzzies. Taken from THIS.

The Bakras I used were Ankur, Chakoli, Ria, Mia, Veens, Sneha, Cinderella, Ceedy. So u folks are gonna try this one out... Veens n Sneha have done this, so they'r exempted!

1. In a race between you, Ankur and Chakoli, who would win?

A. Two Punekars versus one Hyderabadi.... hmm.. Depends where we are racing to.. but I'm pretty sure I'd beat both of them if the race is in driving, travelling or eating. And sleeping!

2. Who is Cindy's best friend?

A. Her brain. I hope so, considering her blog title.

3. In a race between you, Sneha and Cindy, who would win?

A. Again a race? Who's paying me more to make them win against me here?

4. Who would win in a duel, Ria or Ceedy? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?

A. If its eating, it'll be Ceedy, if its sleeping, its gonna be Ria !

5. What would you do if Mia confessed love to you?

A. Accept it.. Man.. she's hot! (With a rider that Biwi should be kept in the dark about it!).
Biwi.. if ur reading this.. this is just a game..

6. If Veens and Veens teamed up, what would they most likely accomplish?

A. Ek bas nahin hain kya?? The Big Bang cauldron would burst again!

7. Who would be a better superhero sidekick between Ria and Sneha, and why?

A. Ria. She would not ask so many questions as Sneha!!

8. Do you miss Ria?

A. In what way?

9. Would you marry Ria?

A. No. I've already committed to Mia ;)

10. What would you do if Ceedy and Mia were going out?

A. Mia two timing me... nahiiiiin :(



  1. Ye tag kuch hazam nahi hui !!!!

    Kaha se mila ? Thoda explain karoge doc ?

  2. who tagged u for this is my first question!! :D :D

    i wud luv to do such tag... :D

  3. Galatfehmi aachi nahi hoti Vrij jee...

    khane peene...sone mein jeetna muskil hi nahi "Namumkin " hain...:PP

    btw whats this tag??
    and frm where u gt it??

  4. Looks like this is a nudge and a hint post to someone ;)

  5. He he! Now u've given the Biwi some sleepless nites ;)

  6. mere sawalo ka jawab doooooo

  7. Folks.. I donno how, but I did not copy-paste the entire thing from the notepad when I posted this.. realised this quite late.. actually, only when I saw the comments. So, I've done the addendum! Now u guys, go figure!

  8. @ Sneha

    Thanx. I liked urs too!

  9. @ Chaks

    Ho jaaye mutbhed.. i can bet I'd win..

  10. @ Swati

    Nopes.. just a plain simple tag!

  11. @ Ankur

    Jawab add kar diya.. ab tag karo!

  12. I m a bit confused....wht was this tag all abt btw?? Plz explain! :)

  13. Interesting tag!!!!

    eating I agree but going out dont worry that ain't happening any time soon ;)

  14. oyeee chorrr

    mera TAG aur mera IDEA!~!~

    chorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :P

    mann lo bache mera waala better hai :P HAHAHA

    this is not fair... i dnt like my wala qs!

    i want some other qs :-/

    and yu r seeing Mia... what is this?!

    biwi pittai honi HI CHAHIYE :P

  15. U just bet... and I would WIN!!!!

    oooooooohahahahhahahahhahahahhaa :P

  16. Teacher, teacher, this boy is cheating at races!

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  18. @ Ria

    Visit the site, fill in a few names, get the questions and answer them.. thats it! Now do the same.

    @ Ceedy

    I'm waiting for ur tag..

    @ Chaks

    No way!

    @ Shuunya

    Godamn u... wtf?

    @ Richa

    Thanx for the offer.

    @ Pri


  19. Wow! Loved this template again! Your templates are just super cool ones :-)

  20. Way-shay nahi pata humhe :PP

    btw tagged you :DD

  21. Wow! A customised tag! I commend the efforts totally! Btw who was the jobless one thr? ;)

  22. got the funda!and tag executed boss. :)

  23. Oh wooow!!! Congrats to both of you and blessings for the new born!

  24. wat tioming i read this tag after boy oh boy...

    shaaram nahi aati.....chotu ke papa, ab is umar mein bhi yeh sab suj raha hai.....

    btw how did this tag originate eh? i just dont get it