September 07, 2008

Fuck U Kimi

I mean... what the hell !!!!!!


Prasad said...

it was sad man!!!! itz monza next weekend mate!!!! Reds dont loose Hope!!!

Anonymous said...

Kimi the guy frm F1?

what happened.. ?

Pavi!!!! said...

kya hua??

Pramod said...


Hamilton rocked and drove wonderfully. Sad that he got penalised for something that was not his fault.

Awesome race!!!!

Sriram said...

oh F1 fan, eh? I stop at trains or jet planes :)

nomad said...

wtf kya? despite everything hamilton did... it's the fuckin reds that got away with the 1-2 !!!

what a bunch of wuss-es these reds are !!

Anonymous said...


Keshi said...

Who the hell is Kimi and why r ya trying to Fuck him/her?

lol Im clueless!


Ria said...
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Ria said...

hmm happens!who can stop the inevitable from happening.

Chakoli said...

hhehehehehhehee :DDD

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

hey vrij
what a race!!! fuckin awesome! too bad what happened with Hamilton, i mean he surely din deserve a 3rd spot man!
take care

Ranganath Eunny said...

I thought you meant Kimi Katkar...why after all these years...???

Then I realised. I am sorry...I gave up F1 after Damon Hill left.

ceedy said...

You need to put up a F1 race you see ME (the dentist) at your Own Risk...

gunj said...

itni der baad samajh aya which kimi u tokin bout :P

Vrij said...

@ Pras

I'm all hopes :)

@ Veens

Google for the Belgian Grand Prix..

@ Pavi

Kimi threw the race away!

@ Pramod

Yes.. Hamilton did drive well.. or rather his car handled better than Kimi's. Even I agree the penalty was unwarranted.

@ Sriram

Good. Concentrate on a few things.

@ Shanx

This was written much before Ham got the penalty. I was cross with Kimi for throwing it away when he had everything going for him.

And yes, I too consider the penalty unwarranted, even though I'm a die hard tifosa.

@ Hobo


@ Keshi

U must have gotten some idea by now :)

@ Ria


@ Chaks

Not a laffing matter babes...

@ TD


@ Ranga

LoL @ Kimi Katkar!!! Jumma chumma de de...

@ Ceedy

Thats a neat one.. I'd surely consider ur suggestion.

@ Gunj

Philips Champion??

Ankur said...

god... isnt it tragedy, twice is 3 weeks!!! :(((

he is an ass!!!!
waise hi ferrari made a mistake by putting him as No 1 contender, MAsa is driving well and he should be the lead driver... and then this mess!!!

shucks... it ultimately hurts at constructor!! !:(((

i hope they come back strongly at monza!!! :D
*fingers crossed*



Solitaire said...

Yeh kya hai/

BTW, did you see the post I have put up on short and sweet for you?

Hershey Desai said...

i don't know kimi personally, but I hope she is sorry for whatever she did...

or is kimi a "he"?
from the comments i am reading..seems like a "he"

What kind of a man calls himself "kimi"

ceedy said...

Where are you???

Hope all is well...

RADhika said...

oh.. was confused was such a long time, even after reading the comments! :P