September 05, 2008

Chuck de !

It seems like its the season for getting slimmer. I've had a couple of friends trying to cut their bellies into half talk about their experiences in the last one week. And today I see Ria doing the same. So I thot wats better than giving some free advice to all of them here to help them Chuck de some weight!

* Drink loads of water. Water helps in flushing out all the unwanted stuff out faster lest it should affect the body. It can reduce ur craving for excess food.

* Dunk the Junk. 99% of junk food (be it pastries/pizzas/burgers/subs or even ragda/bhel) contains carbohydrates and fats. Remaining 1% is made of salts and chemicals. Does not keep you fit. Makes you fat. And unless taken in an optimal proportion, carbs do not get properly digested.

* Eat Healthy. Fruits and Veggies might seem to contain enormous amounts of carbs like glucose and fructose, but these are energy giving and not fattening. Plus the proteins, vitamins and essential minerals you get from them. Most importantly, you get truck loads of fibre from these. This helps you digest your food properly and also helps the intestines in churning the food nicely. Avoid rice and gulp in phulkas(without oil).. and not binge on aloo parathas ! If you really want to test the difference, eat only junk one day and only healthy veggies another day. Note the consistency of your shit the next morning. The bulkier it is, the more fibrous it is and that means that max nutrients have been derived.

* Gymming is optional. Yes, you need not head to the gym unless you plan to practice for Biggest Looser Jeetega. All you need to do is decent exercise which can be done at home or in the garden. Just enough to break a sweat. And be regular, not enough if you exercise Sunday ke Sunday.

* Ouch Potato. Being a couch potato kills you. Do not plonk yourself down on the sofa to watch Big Boss the moment you finish your meal. Never. This makes it tough for your stomach to process what you have eaten. Ideally when you do some light activity like a walk or a brisk stroll after a meal, it helps your stomach coat all what you have eaten with hydrochloric acid so that the enzymes can easily act on your food. However, if you do nothing much, then the food gets incompletely coated, which makes it difficult to digest and some of the carbs are taken in per se, which is not exactly the healthy way. The proteins too miss the bus to get a taste of your blood. So, after every meal, take a short walk for about 10mins. Or help wash the dishes. Not in the dishwasher though. I meant Indian style.

* Go Slow, not Fast. Most people on a weight loss regime try to fast so that they loose weight faster. This kills your gut. Dont ever go on a crash diet. Crash diets are meant only for those who have just been detected with a huge risk of heart disease. Not for weight loss. Remember the tortoise? Slow and steady wins the race. Going slow helps you body get adjusted to you new regime more effectively. On a crash diet, your body does not know whats going on. Its like you are in a 737 which is about to crash. You are cluseless.

* Meditate. Keeping your mind and body in meditation helps you in channelizing your energies. Keeps away the boredom.

* No Laptops. Literally. We have a habit of doing work/chatting on the bed with the laptop.. bad for the body. Wrong postures kill not only the muscles but also the intestines. Remember your school anatomy. The stomach and intestines are lined by muscles.

* Try different positions. While exercising in the lawn or on the bed. Yes, sex is also a wonderful exercise. Not just for the man, but also for the woman. It burns a lot of fat. And of course trying out different positions helps in making the quantity of fat burnt a wee bit more than the regular.

So, there you go.. Chuck de fat ! Go slimmer and go healthier.


  1. wow.... thanks vrij bhai!! its awesome... i really need to shed some and there u r!!

    thanks... though i really cant applt the last one to sweat!! :P


  2. good info! Especially the one about water. We all neglect it so much. I once had reminders set up "Drink water NOW" every two hours, but sadly I never formed the habit. Thanks for THIS reminder. Will try forming a good habit once more!

  3. u knw what.. in sme news channel my mom saw that there was some kinda test performed on the college going kinds in may colleges in Delhi... and the result showed that a big % of them suffered from heart problems.. i was baffled too :-/

    and then came the nxt shocker.... it was due to the amount of JUNK they consumed incl. pizza/burger etc!

    I am glad, i said no to pizzas totally last month :)

    very good post...I need a reminder like this for keeping it healthy.. if not slim ;)

  4. @ Ankur

    My pleasure dude.. go ahead and shed some now.. abt the last one, wats stopping u? ;)

  5. @ Kashmira

    Yep.. do take in a good quantity of water.. but dont overdo it..

  6. @ Veens

    Did u know that 5% applicants to Satyam Computers were found to have high BP and/or diabetes? And all of them were below 30!

    A pizza a month is ok.. not more..

  7. :)

    Great piece of advice…
    But the laptop thing is very hard to implement.


  8. doc i need ur advice for this: I'm 18, thin. 5'10" and 58 kgs. I dont put in much exercise, but I dont seem to be growing 'wider'. Not muscular too :( And veg.
    I'm thinking of going to a gym for shaping up. I've heard most ppl go to the gym for shedding fat and shaping fat, but since I dont have fat, do u think I'll benefit?

  9. Awesome list!!! :)

    i also wish to ad one more point...
    Dont look at weight loss as a chore/duty.. enjoy the work out,or whatever activity you do, this way you wont even realise how much weight you've lost and will have a postive outlook on life!! its all about the attitude!:)

  10. This was awesome !! Amazing infor Vrij !!
    Though I aint dieting, am gonna follow some of those for a healthri living !

    Jobber life is crap man ! Din k 8-9 ghante ek jagah baithe rahoge to body ki toh watt lagegi hi lagegi !

    Any suggestions what to do to reduce a trynna-peek out-tummy without having to hit the gym or smth ?

  11. :D :D vrij bhai!!! i lovvveeee the last one :DDDDDDDD

  12. Wah.....chai biskut kha kar life enjoy karo na warna meri tarah anemic ho jaoge LOL!


  13. Vrij----pliss pliss pliss, next time guide people like me who want to get a lil fat...dnt say--EAT...u wud be amazed if I tell u my diet...


  14. @ Vinz

    The lappy thing is horrible and is the cause of most back troubles.

  15. @ Sriram

    Will soon have a post for the light weighters!!
    But yes, u can go to the gym for muscle build-up.

  16. @ Aarti

    Well said.. thats most important. A positive attitude always helps.

  17. @ Cindy

    Thanx. For ur tryin to peek out tummy.. follow whats in this post.. that wud be enuf.. or maybe just the last point wud be enuf ;)

  18. @ Pras

    U know what.. thats actually the only point most wud follow without a grudge :)

  19. @ Meghna

    Since ur not a regular here.. u dont get enuf chai and biskuts, and hence u r anaemic.. keep visiting more often for a healthy life.

  20. @ Sinner

    Sure will. Actually even I eat a lot and am not really fat.. just a bit of fat on my waist..

  21. Why do I get a feeling you are a medico? Or are you one?

  22. @ Swati

    Care to read the 'About me' part of my profile? And a couple of my recent posts?

  23. wow!those were some handy tips. Not tht hard i suppose...but it does require some discipline, which i m trying to achieve. :)

  24. @ Ria

    :) Try a bit.. its not very difficult.

  25. Tell em to come join the army.. eat 7000+ calories a day and still lose weight...

  26. I add :
    1. Use staircase.
    2. Walk for 5 kms. per day.
    3. Enjoy life...

  27. Great thanks...

    I think you shld add one more - eat in moderation few times a day rather than having two huge meals....

  28. Great tips! All that work n are fairly easy to put to use...2 more simple ones

    1. Have an early dinner n sit up for atlst 2 hrs after dinner
    2. Take the stairs and not the elevator at work n all other places where its feasible.

  29. Hehehehe
    good tips...we girls need it too :)

  30. @ Paratrooper

    Sure.. the military ways are exceptionally good for our health.

    @ Hobo

    Agree to ur ideas..

    @ Ceedy

    yep.. eating on schedule is good to maintain the rhythm of the body.

    @ Mansi

    Welcome.. and thanx..

  31. I agree with the water.
    But stay away from my pizza. Pizza is not JUNK food. Ever heard of a veggie delight. Its the most healthiest pizza i have ever seen.

    :P people check food labels for carbohydrates, how did the FDA miss such an easy one. "eat this product, if you struggle in the toilet next morning, then it means this was good for your health"

    Gymming sucks. Just go for a walk. Walk for like...40-50 minutes..thats quite enough.

    "Yes, sex is also a wonderful exercise. Not just for the man, but also for the woman. It burns a lot of fat."
    uhhh..yea see, even though I told her this, she still refuses. So unfair. She should help me lose weight na.
    Sha..women are so inconsiderate sometimes :P