August 06, 2008

NAGging time !

I bet everyone of us has had this experience in their childhood.

Meal times are painful times. Our parents/grandparents used to come with horrendous looking food in huge quantities and go ahead stuffing it in our mouth. Most of it was stuff that either we never wanted to see on our plates or something we totally abhored. And we tried to shoo away Mom's hands which were aimed for our mouths.

The worst thing to happen was that many a time, this used to happen when we were in no mood to have the stuff, nor did we have enough space in the tummy. It was then that we correlated our 'feeders' to demon incarnations.

And the bathing.. oh that was hell too. It was indeed a pain to have a bath at unearthly hours.. and during monsoons and the winter.. but what to do.. the demons were ruling us those days... :(

And then the make up time.. what with parents trying to comb our hair, put on all sorts of creams and powders on our face to make it appealing to the neighborhood aunty and such people? We used to completely despise the fact that our faces were being smeared with some crap stuff that we did not like.

Am I right in saying that most of us have gone through this hell?



Great !

















Can we all stop behaving the same way with the snakes and let them live thoda aaraam se?


Veens said...

Well look at the flip side, people don't kill them at least!

I m horrified of them yes! but well i think every living being should be given a space!

Ankur said...

:P :P


awesome!! :P
i will let them live, dont ya worry!! :P

HOBO said...

I remember : I was instructed to keep my hairs as short as possible.
Which I never liked.
Now I love to keep it sometimes because it is a style...ha ha ha

иidhi S said...

hahhahah...i can of course remember all those cn i evn forget themm
its happened and it happens...
past...milk,food,bath,getting ready,waking up,going to sleep..

the session continues..but u kne what now dat m living away i miss those very sessions...coz noone here to tell me to force me to eat to wake to go to sleep on time.. to not watch much tv,.. to not be on the pc for long hors...oh how i miss it.!

Sindhu :) said...

:))) Good one ya!!

Don't worry ... I will support you in our endeavour ya.. :D :D :D

Solitaire said...

Oh they do that with snakes on Naag Panchmi?

aneri_masi said...

The food..yes, it was a painful process (although I must say I would LOVE to have someone cook for me and feed me now!)
The bath and creams etc, I didn't mind.

Saanp ko cream laga rahe hain log???!! :D

Aaarti said...

hahaha.. how can we forget.. and today mom n all at home taunt me saying i used to be such a pain, not drink milk, eat well..bla bla... even today gramma associates life=foood.. we eat food, that too at home, she is happy..lolz..

Oh,it is..dint know that!!! am shit scared of those crawlies.. so they aint gonna get no trouble from me... live and let live...:)

Ria said...

he he gud one!the last line was least expected!gud one there buddy. :) I knw its like a big festival in South where they r fed with milk and stuff!i wonder if they actually like milk or not!? :P

Princess Mia said...

is it....shit i didnt even know its naag panchmi.

anyways.....i hated it when i had to have aglass full of milk n i'd purposely spill it here n there n then mom wud be like if u spill this time , yur gonna get the one extra glass to drink.....

make up i loved it.

ceedy said...

But common....the snake is not anath...they now suddenly have so many PARENTS :P

Preeti said...

How just HOW did u think of this????

I'm in awe...Seriously!

Pavi!!!! said...

ohh..they wake up, feed n dress up the snakes??I didn't know that!

BTW...the waking up n feeding torture..i yet go times its parents, at times its hubby n at some other times its myself who tortures me!

Sachi said...

You get Sachi's aaj ki best post award :))
you know with the start of the post I was mind goin' from one side to another...
And laughing like hell! I think I shall tell mom the same :) She is behind all snakes aaj :)

Vrij said...

@ Veens

Thats not correct.. they are almost made lifeless and once the festival gets over.. they are thrown away!

Vrij said...

@ ANkur


Vrij said...


I keep mine very short!

Vrij said...

@ Nidhi

there is always something we miss from the past

Vrij said...

@ Sindhu


Vrij said...

@ Sneha

That and more :(

Vrij said...

@ Kashmira

Beauty Cream nahin.. haldi chandan vagaira!

Vrij said...

@ Aaarti

Yep.. keep away from them.. they are lovely creatures and I love them!

Vrij said...

@ Ria

Thanks. The problem is they dont like milk :)

Vrij said...

@ Mia

Aap Mahaan ho !!

Vrij said...

@ Ceedy

LoL.. those parents are 'sautele' ;)

Vrij said...

@ Preeti

Think of what??

Thanx :)

Vrij said...

@ Pavi

May not dress them up, but yeah, give them a haldi chandan makeup and feed them kilolitres of milk...

Vrij said...

@ Sachi

Than Q Than Q :)

Mataji ko snakes se door rakho!

Chakoli said...

good one vrij...

Cinderella. said...

I hate reptiles....n I aint gonna utter that species name you worte this whole post about...gived me the heebie jeebies...they can go wherever they like just got to me outta me circumference...

On a different note, how on earth you thought of this ?

SunRays said...

Ha ha ....that was some connection you made there.... us and the snakes:D

Chalo Cheers and Take Care!!

gunj said...

lol! gud 1 thr vrij!:)

Vrij said...

@ Chaks


Vrij said...

@ Cindy

Oh..o.. I feel that the snakes are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. I just love them!

Well, sometimes the mind does work well, u see :)

Vrij said...

@ Sunrays

Welcome here and thanx :)

Vrij said...

@ Gunj

Thanx :)

aneri_masi said...

tumko haldi chandan lagta tha? ki snakes ko? :D

aneri_masi said...

ok, read your other comments...snakes ko haldi chandan! are they mad? aur kuch kaam nahi hai!

HMK said...


Vivek Mathur said...

LOL! You put that spot on!