August 02, 2008

Fake Patriotism

Everyday I see this ageing Amby prancing across the roads of Hyderabad in and around the Somajiguda, Begumpet, Punjagutta, Khairtabad areas with Congress flags fluttering from it with names of Mr Y S Rajashekar Reddy and Mr D Nagendar prominently displayed across the same.

The driver is an oldie dressed in a white Rajasthani outfit with a bandini turban decorating his pate. This Amby has a couple of speakers attached to it and it goes around the areas blaring all sorts of patriotic songs. Basically one cassette I guess.. has Lataji's Aye mere watan ke logon and other such songs. The fella does no other biz. I tried asking him for a lift one day and he said its not allowed for security reasons (!!). I'm sure he does atleast 15-20kms each day, probably even double that.

In this age of rising fuel costs (and depleting fuel as well), is it prudent to waste so much fuel.. and an old Amby must be guzzling fuel like Keshto guzzled alcohol! And yeah, the blaring sound aboard.. do we really need to add more din?

And yes, does a Chief Minister and his close friend need to publicise their fake patriotism? At the cost of precious fuel? I never see them distribute blankets to the poor (how cliched).. never see them travelling to the residential areas and asking if the water and electricity supply was proper or erratic? Never see them anytime but a few months before election.

Do we need such netas with fake patriotism?


  1. I so agree to this Vrij. Bureucracy doesnt understand understand that the main reason for anarchy is itself !!!!

    Fuel condition is in such a sorry state right now, instead of getting conscious and takng charge of situations these ppl are going on as if nothings happening.

  2. Truely agree wit u Vrij...!! Rising fuel n inflation..r not even on their thought list agenda

  3. **I tried asking him for a lift one day **
    Are you serious? you totally ROCK if you did this! :D

    and abt the issue you are dear when have "issues" ever applied to the politicians and other mega-rich people? woh to sab aam aadmi ke liye hai :( sigh..._this_makes_me_sad_heading_back_to_mydrink**

  4. Here in Pune, we can see long lines vehicles waiting in the petrol banks in need for petrol and diesel...This is the case of common man..

    Its pathetic to see these politicians spending this natural resource without any shame..Be it to flag patriotism or wtever maybe...

    Good post Vrij..More people should write against this, i feel...And this should reach to the top order.!!

  5. Perfect title for the post...u bet its so fake mate

  6. its a two faced world my friend...just like aneri mentions...

    the same goes here for the CEO jetsetting around in their mega jets which run empty sometimes...

  7. @ Cindy

    Politics is a profession for them. They need to earn money and thats why they are in the game. Its no social work for them.

  8. @ Orchid

    No.. no.. what are u talking about?

  9. @ Kashmira

    Of course I did ask him!!

    And yes, u r right.. not just politicos, but all the rich n famous!

  10. @ HOBO

    Throw them in front of hungry lions!

  11. @ Vinz

    Welcome to my blogspot home.

    It does not affect the higher-ups anymore.. they are immune to it now.

  12. @ Ceedy

    I hate it when jets fly half the world with just a couple of people aboard. If they had an issue wid people around.. maybe they shud allow cargo atleast!

  13. sick people... with cement in their heads i guess :-/