August 15, 2008

Brand India. What's the future ?

Reposting something that I had put up on my old blog two years back. I guess not much has changed in those past two years.

What type of a Nation can we be, if our 'Heads' have no brains ???

Cases in Point :

* J&K sex case: 2 ex-ministers arrested

* Congress workers turn philanthropists on Rahul's birthday

* Pramod & Pravin Mahajan saga

* Rahul Mahajan's Druggery

* Sonia Gandhi's Office of profit Drama

* Uma Bharathi's tantrums

* Deve Gowda's back-door coup in Karnataka

* Abhishek Singhvi's dick-headed press notes

* The recent drama in the Indian Army w.r.t women cadets

* Shiv Sena's Taandav in Mumbai

* The No-Commital stand of all parties on Reservations

* Arjun Singh's boot to equality

* Congress and Left party shenanigans on petro price hike

* Advani's Yatras to nowhere

* Manmohan Singh defending every move of Govt to please Madam

* TV mela in TN

* Left, which does nothing right

* Narendra Modi's monarchy in Gujarat

* Chidambaram and his nakhras with the share bazaar

* HD Kumaraswamy and his land grabbing on the Bangalore-Mysore route

* Taran Gogoi and his Assam Bluff Rifles

* Amar Singh and his interviews

* Y S Rajashekar Reddy and his undoing of Naiduwork

* Sonia Gandhi and her only Ambassador

* The Mullahs of India and their secularism

* Laloo-Rabri jugalbandi

* Buddha's penance

* Vasundhara and her majestic strides

* Natwar Singh as Natwarlal

* The Telangana that only KCR wants

* Amma and her gazillion chappals

* Sri Sri Ravishankar's megabuck penance

* Kanchi Seer and his troubled Millions

* Maneka Gandhi and her unheard voice

* M F Hussain and his treasured trash

* Achuthanandan who ?

* Rajdeep Sardesai and his splattering idiotisms

* Indian Metrological Dept and Bejan Darruwalla

* Dalmiya's hand-wrestling

* Sharad Pawar's arm-twisting

* Chautala and his Chornagri

* Horrifying Hurriyat

* Greg Chappel and his expreiments

* Sheila Dixit and her sweet talk

* K P S Gill and his gilli-danda

* The Great Indian Reliance Challenge of the Ambanis

* D

* Narayan Murthy and his high-voltage nakhras

* Dr Venugopal and his 'AIMS'

* Rahul Dravid's inconsistent men

* Mulayam Singh's easing in the UP Chair

* Shah Rukh Khan's crankiness

* Ekta Kapoor and her swanky melodramas

* Navjot Sindhu and his impromptu tongue-of-war Sidhuisms

* A B Vajpayee and his pauses

* AB and Jaya's tax bills

* Sania Mirza and the First Round Exit Door

* Renuka Chaudhary and her travels

* Salman Khan and his 'bucks'

* Medha Patkar's patka

* Mika & Rakhi Sawant's popularity

* Ramadoss the Boss

With all these great cases as examples, should we expect a better future for Indians?

Note: This is just a list of the leaders India has, whom ideally we should have looked up to as role models.

We need to get rid of many such people. Only then can we say Happy Independence Day !!


Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


all these people are still in front pages of newspapers, for almost more or less the same issues..!! am concerned when there will be a change..

Is it actually a happy independence day..?

Sriram said...

Whoa.. whatta list!

Anonymous said...

We have to take ourselves seriously.

Sach! said...

you know what I totally agree things have not changed..I too have re posted the post I had put on Aug 15, 2007
But there's one thing I wish too add...we at least have the spirit of improving India now..before the Indians lacked that too...

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

You made remember so many old issues...Some of them which havent been solved even today..!
What should we do yaar..? STart shootin them all...? Do we have an option other then that../?

Anonymous said...

I dream some day they all will resign and young people... who want to change Indian to the better take their places...

but sme dreams... neva happen in reality i guess!

Vrij said...

@ Vinz

Yep.. all these ppl, ok.. most of them still haunt us.. and ur right in saying that we haven't got our independence from them ;)

Vrij said...

@ Sriram


Vrij said...


Not really.. in fact we dont do that :(

Vrij said...

@ Sachi

I'm not sure if the said spirit exists in everyone. I'm assuming it does only in the RDB type of folks. 999 out of 1000 care a damn.. :(

Vrij said...

@ Rushabh

Welcome to this place. Hope u enjoy it and do keep visiting.

Shoot them? Let them die so easily? Maybe I would suggest trying them by their balls and letting them hang from a bridge which has rising water underneath..

Vrij said...

@ Veens

All I can say is Amen! to dream..

Ria said...

Makes me wonder, will India ever be free from all of the things tht u hav mentioned here. :( I fear not!

Sach! said...

We have a huge population..remember?So even the 0.1% could make a difference. As they say, better than nothing. :)

Keshi said...


Come read my latest post and I so agree with u. And that post was not only abt India its also abt Sri Lanka! And guess many Indians threw stones at me for saying the TRUTH!

Some even went and ridiculed WHITES in their blogs just so that can feel better.

Vrij I invite u to come and read my latest post and comment plz. tnxx!


Keshi said...

**so that THEY can feel better

SunRays said...

If we were to derive our identity from the politicians then all of us belong to the nation of scoundrels... But thankfully most of us dont..cause we aspire and identify with an Ambani or Narayanmurthy...not Modi or a Laloo. Cheer up ... its not all that bleak.. yet!

Chalo Cheers and take care!

Chakoli said...


vrij stilll posting old ones :PPP just kidding...

i mean vrij still blogging...

me still commenting...

nthibngg much has chnaged :D

btw u have been tagged :D

Anonymous said...

arey but what about other "lesser " role models that are doing india proud? their list is much more than this..high time we began recognizing them instead of these scum

rantravereflect/ jane said...

well, we can't do with them, n we can't do without them!

i can't do without shah rukh atleast!
everyone else cn be terminated

Anjuli said...

I felt it was a lil too pessimistic, I guess there are a lot of things about India and Indians to feel proud about as well, just try writing a post on that, I am sure the list will be longer!

Tarun said...

The future is orange ...
(perhaps literally)
Came here blog hopping.
Will come again soon.