August 12, 2008

Best search engine

The best search engine for netting mundane info, getting reviews of anything on earth, trying to find a software that you cant find, getting download links for movies, music, videos and whatever else..

Google ?

No !

Yahoo ?

No !


No way !


Nopes !

Ask ?


Wiki ?

Hmmmm... no !

Amazon ?

Good joke :(

Oh.. no..

Then whats the fuckin answer? Cuil ??

Hahaha.. no!

Tell me.. or else.... grrrrrrrrrrr..

It is..

It is..



Anonymous said...

Alexa ranking 17.
Google No. 2

aneri_masi said...

Haha :) I sorta least for finding people! I found quite a few long lost friends here.

Chakoli said...

kaisan hua yeh babua??

Sachi said...

I totally agree...
I even say, "Orkut baba ki jai!"
From jobs to people, best webpages to blogs...sab milta hai!!!

Aaarti said...

How did you arrive at that?? do enlighten us sire... :)

rantravereflect/ jane said...

heeee.. i liked the long rail-gaadi trip to orkut..
all the way down google :)
i found all my lost boyfriends there ;)
sooo yeahhhh, i wouldn't find them on google!

:) geeee

ceedy said...

Ab to aapko reasons dene padege...

Solitaire said...

Good one!

Sriram said...


Sindhu :) said...

Totally agree!!! :D

Vrij said...

Ok folks here is the simple reason.

Search for a person, u have a great chance of finding him/her.
Search for a song, u'd surely find it.
Search for a movie, u will not only get the download link, but also all info about it and even communities dedicated to it.
You search for software, u will get trial versions, full versions, cracked versions and yes, the latest and oldest versions too.
You search for games, you get them.
You search for mobile wallpapers/software/themes, u get them.

Crazily good!

Chakoli said...


but on seraching fr a logic like this u need to come to vrij space ..... :PP

Anonymous said...

really! I had no idea!

Princess Mia said...

i so despise orkut.......for me its just another social networking site ;(

Pramod said...

orkut as a search engine???

For me Google Uncle is best!!!!!