August 05, 2008

Aarushi who.. continued !

Guys.. just a bit caught up to respond to each comment individually on the previous post.. so making a post of it!

Its right when Zephy or Pramod says that the media needs to move onto newer news.. but what I meant here was that when the stories broke.. they were so proud of the fact that they had played such major part in helping the police crack the case and what not.. 24/7 they were at Noida at the Talwar residence.

Now what happened to them? Remember, they have NOT YET SOLVED the case.. they have zero evidence against the accused. They kept a man wrongly in custody for over a month. We are still where we were on day 1 after the incident. So why dont u take a case to culmination? I'm ok with it if you forget a case after solving it and not leaving it in the limbo.

Ditto with Ishmeet. It seems the stories too have been done away with with Ishmeet's funeral. Whatever happened to ur exclusive investigations??

I might forgive if they were just 'reporting'. But then the channels had become nothing short of an investigating agency the way they sensationalised the cases. So, I have every right to rant about them leaving the investigation half way!


  1. i still think its the hype they create upfront that is the problem, not the lull afterwards.

    As for what NEWS is, I though it is North East West South, but if journo Zephy says its isNew and hence its news, then i have to take it :)

  2. Dr saahab.. busy bahut ho aap!! :D

    u know, i always hated when ppl actually said that her father is guilty, that was just coz police made him an accuse... i wish if our laws were that strong and wud have sued police for millions to say what they did!! :(

  3. investigation agency .. my foot ! all inestigations are left .. wen a new investigation worthy piece cmes in!

    hope her soul RIP..such b;ful girl she was..

  4. I u'stand wut u mean Vrij..these ppl r heartless. But remember its their JOB. Media is abt earning MONEY based on wuts CURRENT. Wut does not SELL, is considered as stale, SADLY.

    Outside their jobs, maybe they too feel like u and me, abt the unsolved cases.


  5. What could be done ??

    Be it Media or be it us...both want entertainment and also money... :(

  6. y not vrij ;) its ur blog, u have every right to write about anything!

  7. :)

    even i wonder...the day the MP's had shown money in the legislative..where are those news these days..

    Its not tens or hundreds they had shown..Crore..!! I daily check news channels with a hope that something will come out after the probe..i think its made undercover..both ruling and opposition parties are talking very cautiously..wts happening..?? All channels are biased and mean..they all need is some 'breaking news'..after the talwar release there is no masala..yeah if CBI comes out with a statement of 'posibility of a rape in Ayushi's case' or 'Ayushi committed suicide' can bring all thse channels back in Talwarspremises, i guess..!!

  8. that is wht always happens Vrij!i dunno how many ppl remember but a gurl called Kaushambi Layek had been stabbbed to death by here own bf and it was all over the news for the 1st few days!but then as usual nobody knows wht hpnd after tht. Wht happened to Manish Thakur who had killed her!?

  9. Vrij, looking forward to more Goan blog kinda exposes. Hope you've visited - great stuff!

  10. @ Pramod

    U got it spot on! Its the hype that makes u feel let down towards the end.

  11. @ Ankur

    yep.. I have those exact thots abt suing the media and police!

  12. @ HOBO

    yes, it should.. but at what cost? sensibility?

  13. @ Keshi

    I hope they do. Or they are fuckin bastards !

  14. @ Chaks

    Entertainment? God save us if news channels become so.

  15. @ Divs

    Arre.. ye kahaan se aa gaya.. go ahead comment wat u like.. its a open unmoderated form!

  16. @ Vinz

    yep.. even the cash scam is going the Aarushi way

  17. @ Ria

    I guess, every other case they take up ends the same way.. sad :(

  18. @ Joshiji

    Donno if it can be done by all. Need enormous guts n self belief for that !