July 08, 2008

The Rayalaseema Express

One of the most enigmatic trains running on the Indian Railways is the Rayalaseema Express. Train number 7429 travels between Hyderabad and Tirupati and 7430 does the return.

Kazipet's WDM-2 #16501 leads the Rayalaseema past Hi-Tech City in Hyderabad

That does sound simple enough, right? Hang on..

This train runs combined with the 7416 Kolhapur- Tirupati Haripriya Express.

What.. two trains run combined?

Yes, two trains run combined. Actually, its more complicated than that!

There are basically three origins/destinations. Hyderabad (HYB), Tirupati (TPTY) and Kolhapur (KOP.. new code for Kolhapur is CSMT but I'll use the old one).

Every day, three trains start from these stations. Each of these trains is basically in two parts. In the train starting from HYB, one part is destined for TPTY and one for KOP. In the train originating at KOP, one part is destined for HYB and one for TPTY. Similarly, in the train originating from TPTY, one part goes to HYB and one to KOP.

All these three trains arrive at approximately 2AM at Guntakal, where these three trains are divided into the 6 individual segments. The segments bound to HYB from TPTY and KOP are stitched together and sent to HYB. Segments from TPTY and HYB are joined and sent to KOP and segments from KOP and HYB are coupled and sent to TPTY. So, 6 segments again become three trains and head to their respective destinations.

Each of these three trains get a Kazipet WDM-3A loco. The loco which comes from HYB goes to TPTY, the loco that comes from TPTY goes to KOP and the loco that comes from KOP goes to the shed. The loco that brings in the Dadar-Chennai mail to Guntakal gets cut there and goes to HYB.

So, if you are travelling by these trains, NEVER get down at Guntakal. You never know, where you would turn up next morning !!!

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  1. bhai.. Rails mai Phd kar lo tum ab!!! :P

  2. Good one. At last I understood the complex arrangement at least to some extent after many attempts!

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    n hey how do u know so much abt train man....

  4. @ Ankur

    Hmm.. maybe its too late.. or maybe that I dont really need to do that.. I'm fine this way :)

  5. @ Akshay

    Thanks. I believe that every railfan should know about this train!

  6. @ Anvita

    When one is interested in something, he tries to get all details of the same. Thats how I came to know so many details..

  7. Wow...

    such a different train...

    okie...aapke saath chalungi iss train mein... then I wont get lost :PPP

  8. @ Chaks

    Sure sure.. when r u coming over to HYB?

    Or maybe u can go to Kolhapur and take the train from there and I take the train from here. We can meet at Guntakal, and have some delicious pongal, masala vada, utthapams and elaichi tea in the middle of the night!

  9. Waah...waah amst plan ahin:))

    Hyderabad aan eka koi plan nahi abhi in recent times...
    aaungi..to aapse to jaroor milungi:)))

  10. That sure is a complicated train mate!Phew..I hope the deeraaivar remembers where all to not stop.

  11. @ Chaks

    Toh hum kab implement karenge ye plan?

  12. @ Ketan

    Welcome here. It sure is complicated, but then the running staff is used to it.. its a routine for them!

  13. Wow, now tha was quite an interesting piece of Trivia...maybe next time i hop on a train to hydie, will give you a buzzz... or shall go to kolhapur with Chaks and meet you in Guntakal... :D

  14. Saluting the railways. Amazing logistics managed very efficiently.

    I remember that i used to wake up as a kid at abt 2 Am to see a similar detach and attach of a trian i used to take from SBC to my native place.

  15. @ Aaarti

    Thanks.. maybe u can reach TPTY from MAS and take the train. Then we three can meet at Guntakal together wat say?

  16. @ Pramod

    Indeed.. there is more to the logistics management at Guntakal. More in a later post :)

    Where is ur hometown buddy? Hubli side or Raichur end?

  17. I always want to drive a train...lol I dunno why.


  18. @keshi... you arent the only one lady. There are thousands of us who want to do it!

  19. Hi dude! First time visiting your blog, its awesome,i'm enjoying it! :)

    I never knew about this thing though i travelled from Hyd-Kurnool some 4-5 times. Since, i didnt go till Guntakal, may be i never came across this thing.

  20. woh to aapmhi karonge...mujh to yahn se bus baithna hain...details bhej dena:PP

  21. @ Keshi

    Wow.. it would be fun to have U in the loco when I drive it.. and as Sriram says, there are a few thousand nuts who wanna do that too!

  22. @ Karim

    Thanks for the visit and welcome here :)

    You should try to see what happens at Guntakal when you pass by.

  23. @ Chaks

    Sure.. bas apni free dates batana.. Aaarti bhi Chennai se aayegi.. main HYB se aur aap Pune se.. ho jaaye ke mast meet, kya?

  24. Hmm Vrij strikes back with his train post yet again! Nice read buddy. And abt this template....all i can say is its too Yellow!! :P

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    n abt the trains, that sounded as confusing as teh million body parts n their dissection!
    i mean 3 becomes 6..\mannn, is lallu sooo good at math, n even better at bilogy? -what with all that complicated math n dissection of teh trains ;);)

  28. @ Jane

    Well.. the blog wears the yellow jersey which is given to the winner of the Tour de France cycling race. Google it out!

    Reg the trains.. u'd continue to get more such info regularly ;) And f*** La Loo, who cares about the dimwit! If ur on orkut, search for me and check out a video of La Loo that I've put up!

  29. Hi Vrij,Nice blog dude.....it helped me a lot....
    because in irctc the train route and timings both are given in a horrible manner....no einstein gonna understand the theory over there...
    anyways thanks a lot.........

  30. Hmmmm....dats shomething....

  31. wei heiBen sei,
    und ths zwanzish,

    gute nakte