July 27, 2008

Loud Speaker Bonalu

Come July and the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad as also the region of Telangana get to clebrate one of their major festivals, the Bonalu or the Mahakali Jatra in obedience to Goddess Mahakali. I'm not going to write more about the festival you can catch it at Wiki !

What I'm actually concerned about is the fact that at bang 6AM on a nice chilly Sunday morning, I'm awakened by some wierd sounds booming in my ear. After a couple of minutes I realise that the local folks have planted extra-loud speakers to blast everyone out of their deep slumber.. as if to say that the early bird gets the worm.. get up u bozos..

Worse than the fact that the music is extra-loud is that it is tasteless mostly.. bhajans in telugu coined on filmi tunes and sung by first round exiters from some trash reality show I guess.. and well, the music has been lifted and composed by some baraat band I guess, thats the way it actually sounds!

Now for the best part.. this is going to continue for the entire day... holy f****** s*** !!!

PS: The power situation in Hyderabad is worsening by the day what with scanty rainfall in the entire south of the country. We face a scheduled power cut everyday from 8AM-11.20AM at our house. But every few days, they extend it to 1PM or 2PM like they did yesterday! Actually, it would be great if they did that today, only if the goddamn loud speakers get their power lines cut too! But knowing the sad creatures that sit on the gaddis, it might well be wishful thinking!!


  1. lol @loud speakers!

    aww Vrij :(


  2. Saaaame pinch!

    We had the same good morning songs today :D And to think, it was really really difficult to get up this morning :(

    And do you know what song they played once for this Bonalu? January Maasam from 7/g Brindavan Colony :O :O :O. You know that song right? If not, check it in youtube & listen to the lyrics too :D My guests were like.. your people are veeery spiritual:P

    I am actually looking forward to the power cut today :D :D

  3. And yeah... it was not even a bhajan coined on that song.. it was directly that song with its own lyrics!! 8-|

  4. Great post.
    People should think about it...

  5. Jus like the prayers we have 5 times a day here... but then I actually enjoy it! :D

  6. Oh for a minute I thought that you were awakened rudely by a bomb blast! Sorry that's what's on my mind!

  7. @ Keshi

    The term 'loud speaker' is quite commonplace here in India which basically signifies speakers of higher amplitude.

  8. @ Sindhu

    Indeed they are boring us with all songs of all types.. sad :(

  9. @ HOBO

    yep.. if not the people, the authorities should.

  10. @ Curious

    You have prayers for 5 minutes, 5 times a day. Thats 25 mins and not 525mins a day. And its statement, not gross music. I personally love the 'azaan' emanating from the mosques.

  11. @ Sneha

    I won't blame you for thinking so.. I'm so sure u Gujjus must be having only the ADI blasts on ur mind since yesterday. Hope all's fine at ur place back home.

  12. haha...i exchanged a good morning with u inne? is it still so bad, its evening now

  13. @ Mia

    Its now more than 12 hours that the noise has continued. The power cut was only for an hour.. 8-9AM and since then, I've gotten to hear the most inanest lyrics in a bhajan.. even with words like 'choli ke peeche' intertwined! Its unbelievable !!

  14. it happens the same in pune vri j bhai!!!

  15. Yikes... i hate those loud speakers!!!

    and well, same pinch, we too facing power cuts everyday.. guess today being sunday, they gave us a concession, no cut~!
    but everyday power conks off for a sweet 1hr, so far its been 11 to 12... wonder what the plan is from tomorrow..its a bummer cos work takes a toll, since lappy works only for little over 2hrs~!! sigh...

  16. authorities consists of people

  17. it is wishful thinking boy :D

  18. To add to this, with each passing year I see a sudden spring of more and more small temples..which are adorned like wedding halls and have huge crowds visiting them. If the Temple is in the middle of a busy road..traffic be damned then..!
    ..n the sound part is debatable..be it the bhajans ..or the azaans.