July 28, 2008

Hyderabad Blues

Hyderabad is in the grip of a low pressure area which has been bringing some rain to the parched state. Also has cooled off the boiler a bit and the weather is much more easy on the skin.

The rain however had no impression on the Bonalu festivities in the city neither did it have any effect on the loud speakers and the serail lights.

One one hand the Govt cuts power to homes and industries because of shortage and on the other hand it blatantly allows disco lighting and blaring sound systems to function. Someone needs to give the Babus a brain-rich injection. And it better be painful !


  1. yeah, fellow chai-blogger this one is better than the previous.. but the green is too garish.. and the light-->dark gradient on the green makes me feel like I'm staring into a tubelight. A little change to the sidebar colour would do much good :) Again, this is my opinion... I can always resort to plan text mode if you still decide to keep it :D

  2. @ Sriram

    Thanx for the input... do suggest some colors plz.. and yes, now u can have some biscuits with the chai also!

  3. Vrij jee...
    koshish ke hats off... :))

    but somehow this chai ki pyali and biscuit kuch jame nahi....

    come out with some more good ones :)

  4. On posting comments this template changes its colour to brown!!!!

    magic magic!!! :DDD

  5. Nice new look...:) could you maybe dry bringing the green to a milder shade???

  6. Colour is soothing...

    now needs some more pictures over the two columns...

  7. @ Chaks

    Thanx for all the inputs. Biwi still thinks the header seems quite empty. Not mine. The blogs.. suggest sumthin!

  8. @ Aaarti

    Some changes done! The green has been abandoned :)

  9. Put in some ingrededeints of tea ....

    i guess u need to combine 2-3 pics and then a larger image cud be thr...

    something like this...


    or either try out of tea gardens... with a table and cup of tea...

  10. @ Chaks

    Thanx.. but I'm not sure it'll look all that good with leaves n all..

  11. I agree with your wife...template mai thoda dum nahi hai...

    specially when you are offering black tea and only two biscuits to all of us :)

  12. oki like it! but i think u can get a better header... other than that.. i lov this color and the curves and of course the shading too :):)