July 01, 2008

Dus Bahane

Tagged by Ankur to reveal ten things u don't know about me:

  • I love sleeping. I can sleep anywhere I want to. I have even slept on the first bench of the class with a lecture going on and no one the wiser. My eyes were closed I was off, but my head was nodding frequently enough to make everyone think I was wide awake!

  • I love bird-watching. You know the types. Of course, I still do that. Biwi knows about it too. Try hard not to do that when biwi is around.

  • You know this. I am mad about trains. What you don't know is that trains can cheer me up infinitely. Whenever I was in a gloomy mood, I used to head to the station nearby (Begumpet, BMT) and sit there for a few minutes. Even if I do not get to see a train, the atmosphere and the smell of the place cheers me up. These days however, biwi does the job of cheering me up.

  • I have a short temper that I keep bottled within me. I try my level best not to get it out of hand.

  • I love the stage. I am a regular at emceeing at functions, parties, etc.. of course, not professionally yet.

  • I used to write shayari in my college days. And try to impress girls. Unfortunately for me, even though my shayari was appreciated, I was not!

  • I love surfing and chatting on the web. Prior to getting married, I used to chat till the wee hours of the night. Also, I can actually pass off as a software guy and no one can know the real game. I have done it with a nerd who started getting pally in a local train. Talked to him in a lot of tech lingo and when he asked me which company I work for, I told him I'm a doc.. he was sort of thrown aback. In fact my cousin, who is an MCA, regularly calls me to fix her laptop or for any computer related issues.. so much for techies.

  • I am a freelance web designer. I have done a few websites including my own www.vrijilesh.com and on my website you can get a lot of railway related information. Very soon, say in a day or two, you will have the entire Indian Railways time table available on my website. Also, you can follow live cricket, tennis, F1 on my website. In July, you can view live updates from the Tour de France.

  • I love fast driving. Dad always screams at me that the moment I start the car, I get to 60.. on city roads! Of course, what can u expect from a tifosa?

  • I am an avid quizzer. Once in an inter-college competition, we thrashed the opponents so badly, that it basically was boring. We had 80 points while the second placed team had 20 !! It was for my quiz partner's marriage that I headed to Bangalore a few days ago.

I hope I've managed to keep you interested.. but I was'nt wanting to tag anyone particular, coz its a decently old tag, but still if Keerthi, Naveen, Sridhar, Sriram or Ranga are reading this, consider urself tagged !


  1. What's a tifosa?

    I just tagged you with another one!

    Check WARM FUZZIES out!!

  2. This is kewl one:-))

    Bird watching...I wonder is that a secret;-)))

    quizzer...yup...yup...I can make out that;-))

  3. @ Sol

    Tifosa is a term for fans of Scuderia Ferrari F1 team!

    Another tag.. seems like I wont have to wrack my head to pen the next few posts.. subjects are ready! Thanx :)

  4. @ Chaks

    Thanx :)

    Bird watching is not a secret.. doin that in biwi's presence is!

    And how did u make out that I was a quizzer?

  5. @ Keshi

    I don't drive rashly.. gently and safe at a decent speed .. pun intended!! ;)

  6. Many of these were known to us!so they dont qualify as secrets. ;) Was jus pullin ur leg, nicely done buddy.

  7. I loved the fact about freelance web-designer, gr8 !

    Its very nice to have smth to wear you mundane life out. Nice !

  8. Hey Vrij
    good to read some aspects bout u. I understood the kind of "bird watching" you do. well like they say, Boys will be Boys! the fact that ur crazy bout trains is a given, but trains with so much of activity happening around the railway stn calming one down is a first im hearing:D
    ur a techie to the core. just your profession is different, but yeaah i still remember the o3 customised World Cup pages u used to make:d that needs talent boss n u have plenty of it:D
    will chk out the site soon.
    take care

    RQ: today it rained like crazy here, and the trains were going slower than the snails. with so much stoppages i couldnt help but notice there poles and they had dese numbers like 8/18 etc. as in there was 8, uske neeche an underline, and below that 18. How do u decode that? cos from my logic, it wasnt the 8th station from CST and neither was this the 18th pole from CST.

  9. OMG yur a doc n a free lancer how come yaar...yeh combination samajh mein nahi aaya yaar.

    n watch out mate bird watching biwi gussa ho gayi to bhari padega....n yeah watch yur speed mate....

  10. @ Ria

    U knew most of these? How?

  11. @ Cindy

    So what freelance projects are u giving me?

  12. @ TD

    I still maintain that I'm not a techie but just a wanderer in that zone! And yes, I still love those templates!

    RQ: How about 8kms from CSTM and 18th pole in that km??

  13. @ Mia

    Arre.. kya problem hai combination mein? After all docs are normal ppl na?

    And yes, biwi ki presence mein dekh sambhal ke karta hoon..

  14. U usually try to come out with some other expalnation ....like jummbling wrds...cracking a question and all that:-))

    yup yup in biwi presence it is:-))

  15. Neat stuff...
    Freelance web designer, hmm, maybe when am ready to launch my site, shall bug u..oops buzz u... :d

    watch out for that temper and speed racer... :D

  16. btw, what is this osmania biskut? me heard of vonly karachi biskut... hmmm...

  17. @ Chaks

    arre.. i'm not that complicated!

  18. @ Aaarti

    Thanx, and sure do buzz me!

    Will put up a post on Osmania Biskut. Even Chaks wanted to know more about them.

  19. Tht reflected clearly in ur blogs every now an then! :) Easy to guess.... :D

  20. Hi vrij,
    I loooovvveeeee bird watching too.....this was an interesting read!

    I'll keep visiting now....

  21. hahahahahahahahahaha!


  22. I never said u are complicated...but u have so many qualities...

    Althou I didtn liked u while first talking to you...but really if in bloggerville... soembody has impressed me its you:-))

    Really commandable..to all that you do... and do it so wonderfully;-))

    Damn u r married;-))):PPPPPPPPPPPPPP


  23. Ummm...my own website for my blog ?! Can you ? I'm serious...

  24. @ Meghna

    Welcome aboard.

    Waise the bird watching I do is not for under-18 people!

  25. @ Chaks

    I know u love Amul adverts, but that does not mean u use the makhan polish on me ;)

    Seriously, I'm elated on ur comment.

    And so what if I'm married? ;)

  26. Vrij jee...

    to ab mera chance to gaya na...:-(((....


    waise butter ki jaroorat mujhe nahi nahi... I just love ad... and not butter...

  27. @ Cindy

    Give me a call.. and I'll do it for u :)
    U can find my number in one of the previous posts..

  28. @ Chaks

    What makes u think ur chance has gone? Shaadi nahin toh kya, ek chakkar/lafda ji sahi, wat say?

  29. how did u manage the first one?

    does ur wife read your blog vrij?

  30. lolz u talking of lafdas and chakkars with chaks..kassh aapki biwi dekhti :P

  31. @ Divs

    U see, I am a talented person ;)

    Wifey does read the blog occasionally.. i tell her to read and comment, but then she probably finds it too boring!

    Reg my chakkars.. are u trying to blackmail me into something??

  32. Der hi sahi, tag to utha raha hoon.

  33. I guess tagging of this kind should not be called tagging....but moving train token exchange :-)

  34. @ Ranga

    Yep.. agree that it shud be called a token exchange.. but how many 'abnormal people' around here will understand that?