July 08, 2008


When you cannot fight the tiger, comprise with it.

What is your view?


Chakoli said...

All time fav Fedrere:))

and Ferrai:-)))

no compromise dear...just be silent for while and then hit back again :))

Pramod said...

Did u mean Tigress :P:P:P:P

Anjuli said...


Sriram said...

"why do i even care"... would be my outlook

and lets hope the tiger too abides be it :)

Sriram said...

oops... typo: *by

Anonymous said...

Or wait for it to die. Like in Sri Lanka or if I dare to say.. Mumbai.

Vrij said...

@ Chaks

Thats a super answer :)

@ Pramod

U guessed right!

@ Anjuli


@ Sriram

Hmm.. donno if ur outlook would work.

@ Anon

Oh.. then it wont be very long..

aneri_masi said...

can't you trick it?

Keshi said...

If the Tiger is hot, yes.



Anonymous said...

wat do u mean :)

ceedy said...

Jab mere samne tiger khada hoga...the view will be terrifying : mujhe aur kuch nahi dikhega

well I beleive in diplomacy so might give the tiger some options