July 03, 2008


No Smoking

No Drinking

No Pubbing

No Discing

Only Kaam, Chai biskut, Biwi aur Rail-gadi !


Lukkydivs said...

yeh kya tha vrij :O

Sriram said...

in the train now, eh? If not, attribute that comment to my sleepiness.

Anonymous said...

rail gaadi nikal do to aur kya chahiye ? biwi he to kya gam he ?

Anonymous said...

tandoori ke liye join karoge ?

aneri_masi said...

1) Good. Very good
2) Biwi ko bhi sikha do
3) Same as 2
4) Dance karne ke liye disc jaane ki kya zaroorat, jahaan mann nacho.
5) Nice list of the constants that are keeping you company all the time!

Solitaire said...

Is that what your life is like? Is that a warning to single men to not get married?

joiedevivre said...

aapka template mastt hai!!
i m tea lover..
u too?

Vrij said...

Firstly, just a small clarification. I was on phone with a friend last evening and he said why not meet up soon.. I replied that I was busy this weekend. Then he called me a bore and said that either I must be out dining with biwi or busy snapping trains! He said I was a bore.. and thats where this post comes from!

Vrij said...

@ Divs

Kabhi kabhi aisa bhi likhna padta hai :)

@ Sriram

Nopes, not in a train!!

@ Ashu

I dont mind a Tandoori this time around.. shall I join u at the beach? Aap aur main?

@ Kash

:) Sahi hai, dance ke liye disc ki zaroorat nahin.. biwi makes me do enough!!! ;)

Haan.. and I'm quite happy with these constants.. u see I always believe that my life is a train going on a single track.. it shud not get deviated much!

@ Sol

No, No, that was never my intention. Chk my clarification!

@ joidevivre

Welcome here and thanx for the complis :)
yes, I love tea, and coffee too!

Anonymous said...

yeah u can, if ur wifey doesnt hv ne probs :P

Vrij said...

@ Ashu

Do I really need to tell her? ;)

Ria said...

he he thts so sweet!some ppl may find it boring but i like it this way. U r wht u r! :)

Vrij said...

@ Ria

Thank U.. the important thing is that even I like myself that way!

Cinderella. said...

I'm going Fuga today !!!!!!!!!11

Nikhil Chinnappa and wife playing,for Submerge...yay....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

and i thought... biwi, chai biscuit and rails were the fav things for u in yur life :P