June 18, 2008

Trip to Bangalore

Hi folks

I would be in Bangalore for the next three days.

Reaching SBC by 6593 Hampi Link express. I would be returning back on
Saturday by the 7604 YPR-KCG EXP.

Please do try to plan out a meet.

I can be contacted at 09885357014.

Ciao !!

Vrijilesh Rai


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Ferrari or McLaren?
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  1. hey

    have fun in Blore.. me got plans, yet to finalise em... :)

    i join in with Preeti- chennai anytime ??? :D

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  3. Why you writing down the train names? Is the meet happening on the train?

  4. Arre ! Weekend par aana tha na ?! Got truck loadsa work here....And wheres Ankur ?!!!

  5. bon voyage... may the dippys be with ya :D

  6. happy travelling man!!!\n its nadal for me all teh way!

  7. why is SWR using twin DP4s on its trains....that is way too much power isn't it?

  8. @ Preeti

    Will surely let u know when I'm at MAS!

    @ Aarti

    Thanks. And will let u know when in MAS!

    @ Divs


    @ Sol

    I'm writing down the train names/numbers for the sake of those maniacs who call themselves railfans!

    @ Anjuli

    Naah.. wont get reservation in the Udyan from Bombay to Bangalore then..

    @ Cindy

    Work? Atleast call!

    @ Sriram

    Welcome.. and yes, hoping to see the Dippy's at their home.

    @ Jane

    Thanks.. and I'm guessing its Nadal who's gonna win at grass this yr..

    @ Ranga

    I donno.. lets ask someone at the sheds..