June 09, 2008

Tagged a-long

Honoured to have been tagged by Chandni

So here goes...

I am: basically a nice chap, masquerading as a rogue.

I think: a lot of things. My mind is never ever idle.

I know: that I am capable of so many things that I dont even try.

I want: small comforts and only happiness

I have: my brains intact and working.

I wish: that people get some civic sense.

I hate: people spitting on roads and those who drive the wrong way.

I miss: Bangalore and its weather, and the uncountable hours spent at CCD 7th blk, Jayanagar

I fear: God

I feel: that there is a lot of good we can do to others if we think selfishly.

I hear: the damn alarm on my mobile every morning :(

I smell: blood!

I crave: to just take a train ride across the entire country!

I search: using Google.

I wonder: if Manmohan Singh can ever get out of Sonia's shadow.

I regret: not finding my wife earlier.

I love: my sweetheart biwi.

I ache: when I'm deprived of my rightful place in front of my comp.

I am not: a saint.

I believe: that I have the answer to all the traffic woes of Hyderabad.

I dance: when i need to make my wife laugh!

I sing: always, in my mind..

I cry: within myself. Seldom express my pain/frustrations to others.

I don’t always: get what I want.

I fight: with some bozo or the other, everytime I drive.. much to biwi's chagrin!

I write: only on my blogs.

I win: rarely against biwi... whether its arguments or a card game or monopoly.

I lose: my temper easily.

I never: will leave my biwi.. for her always.

I always: want to be the best.

I confuse: others.. naah, just joking.

I listen: to old hindi songs.. mukesh, rafi, kishore, saigal..

I can usually be found: online atleast thrice a day, either on the comp or the mobile.

I am scared: of failure.

I need: flattery.

I am happy about: the fact that I'm doing this tag.

I imagine: myself and biwi as a khadoos old couple nagging the neighbour's kids n grandkids day in and day out!!!

I tag: Chakoli, Cinderalla, Pri, Anjuli, Ria and Ankur.


  1. :) welcum back vrij..
    ya lost teh challenge, got back, n took ya wife out, n flattered her fumes with ya gitfs!!

    ya can imagine yarselves aa a khadoos old couple blahhblahhh- i lurveeeeddd tat one..

    ya dance.. when ya need 2 make her laugh- buahahhhahah- tat was a good one :)

    so tell us wat ya finally bought her!:)
    ciao for now..

  2. hey
    Hope u had a good weekend..
    That was one hellova tag... nice... :)enjoyed reading n comin to know more about u thru this...

  3. This is the 4th one..

    alreday 3 tags pending and u hit me by 4th :_))

    thanks 1st oif all..this week Ill just dedicate to complete my tag;-))

    nw abt ur tag:-))

    u think... or do u...;-)) I agree I really find u intellectual..trust me nt a fake complement :-)

    knowing is not good...Do it man!!!

    who wants sadness??;-))

    u just hate people spitting...:-))

    i smell blood?? cudnt get u?

    lol on I m not saint;-))

    hw scrying within myself done?

    flattery is soemthing everyone wants;-))

  4. If u address urself khadoos what I wud be;-))

  5. Thank u so much for tagging me, I liked it so much, would have done it otherwise also!

    Hope I will be happy doing the tag just the way u did!

    Nicely done!

  6. and why do u aspire to become a khadoos old couple nagging the neighbours??

  7. Awwww..tht was such a nice tag n u executed it well! n u took the time n effort to appreciate the wife. All gooood!

    BTW..u smell blood?EWWWWWWW! how?where?why?When?

  8. @RRR..
    Thanks, yes, biwi always tells I'd become a khadoos buddha..

    And lets keep the gift a bit private..

  9. @Aarti

    Yep, had a decently good and laid back wkend.

  10. @ Chaks

    Go ahead.. do all four now ;)

    Aah.. I'm elated that u find me intellectual..

    Doing is one thing, getting to do is another.. example, I know I can be a good PM...

    Yes, i hate ppl spitting on roads, and at any public places, on staircases, and generally anywhere except a loo.

    I smell blood everyday.. remember, its part of my work ;)

    Flattery.. I know u've already flattered me..

    As I said earlier, biwi thinks I'd become one khadoos budha..

  11. @ Anjuli

    Thanks. Looking forward to ur tag!

  12. @ Pavi

    Thanks a lot. :)

    Smell Blood.. yes, as part of my work!

  13. Hmm nice tag!and thanks for tagging me...tags like these r fun to do, especially when one has nothin to write abt! ;) I wil do it soon! :)

  14. Same pinch on I HATE n I HAVE :P :P

  15. @ Ria

    Thanx.. awaiting ur list soon :)

    @ Divs


  16. thanks a lot for taggin me... i really liked the tag!!!

    will do it tomorrow morning!!! :)

    and nice to know so much abt u :)


  17. Ankur.. thanx.. will look fwd to ur answers.. :)

  18. Hmmm....

    ohhh...so u are thinking of PM kya??;-0))

    and about intellectual and flattery... I read about flattery later and commented abt u being intellectual earlier:-))

    waise no doubt khadoos to aap honge hi ab...;-))

  19. Hahaha! Sooo cute!! I always smile when i come here at the love u express (if only over here) for ur wife...Makes me want my share soon! (from my husband-to-be, obviously! :D)

    Why do u imagine bein khadoos!?? hehe!

  20. Nicely done Vrij!

    **I am not: a saint.

    Amen! Atleast one person admitted to it. I hate it when ppl act like they r so free of sin and r perfect humans on Earth!

    *HUGZ* Im yet to do ur pic tag.


  21. @ Sol..

    U think so?? But I'm not sure the one concerned thinks so ;)

  22. @ Chaks..

    Not necessarily PM, but someone wid power.

  23. @ Preeti..

    Spot on.. I express a lot of love to my wife.. only here ;)

  24. @ Keshi

    Thanks. And I'm still hoping u'd do that tag!