June 10, 2008

Serial Killers

The other day I happened to watch an Ekta Kapoor serial for a few minutes. Basically, Mom and Biwi were watching it and I just happened to be in the same room at that time reading the newspaper.

The scene was thus. A group of youngsters dressed in party wear were talking about smoking openly at home. At which one of the girls says that her Mom and Dad were pretty cool about it and there was no problem in fagging or boozing at home. She takes out a ciggie and is about to light it when her Dad appears. This cool Dad, apparently named Mr Walia, approaches her with anger on his face, shouts at her saying she was not supposed to smoke that cheap brand of cigarettes and asks her to smoke the best and costliest brands available. And he walks away ushering his servants to serve costly liquor to his children and their friends. The scene closes with one of the girls telling what a cool Dad she had.

Now, according to biwi.. it was a plan that Mr Walia was using to get his children off smoking. Ok.

I, as a non-regular viewer, saw almost 10-15mins of the episode. There might have been hundreds across the world who might have channel surfed and landed on this channel at the time the scene in question was being screened.

They would surely not know the story, and hence such a scene forms an indelible impression on those minds. If they are young malleable minds, it might send them into a whirlpool of unhealthy activities. Not just smoking and drinking, but also expecting parents to be appreciative of that.

I might be ok with a solitary dialogue in which one protagonist might ask another to smoke or drink, but an entire scene lasting atleast 10minutes unfolding on an entertainment channel is completely the wrong thing to happen.

More views solicited.


Aaarti said...

Eeeks.. that is scary indeed..

And i wonder if ever these Ekta Kapoor serials will end... sigh... while surfing channels saw that Kahaani ghar ghar ki is still running.. and the actors dont look a day older than they did a decade ago.. miracle~~ :D

aneri_masi said...

Now that was completely ridiculous!

I guess the reason they get away with this is that people still watch the shows, in spite of them being so over the top and stupid. Watch them and then ridicule them. Kya faayda? As long as ppl watch, the shows will continue to get worse!

lukkydivz said...

:O :O plan to get his children off smoking??

plz be a regular viewer of that serial n tell me how he did that :P I need to know !!

Vrij said...

@ Aarti
Yes, it is indeed scary. Its actually sad.

@ Aneri
I agree. People watch it, justify it and continue to support such trash.

@ Divs
No way am I going to subject myself to self-torture. Ask someone you know to do that.. :(

Chakoli said...

kabhi to koi kaam poora kiya karo;-))

Chakoli said...

btw u have been tagged...

Think songs tag:-)))

Pri said...

ekta kappr hai hai!!
thats y i hate those mega soaps *yawn*

Pri said...

heyy btw do join in the story on 'story time revisited' on my blog "raindrops on roses"...
waiting for ur crazy contribution :D

Pramod said...

Wud serve us better if the censor acts on such things rather than a bit of extra skin shown by Mallika Sherawat.

The serials in india - Hindi or regional language - are all about revenge, personal vendatta, double-crossing and affairs!!!! Not healthy at all.

Preeti said...

Oh my GOD! Seriously? I really think the likes of Balaji and all should be banned..Apparently now they wanna do a take on the Aarushi Talwar case on one of their shows...Isnt that ridiculous? What do they gain out of all this tamasha? It's plain ridiculous and blood boilin material man!

Ria said...

Thats why i m amused when ppl say ekta is the best business woman. :/ I hate her coz all she shows on her serial is crap, crap and more crap! Jus no logic! This was one of the serious things apart from this she shows ppl gettin married umpteen no. of times without gettin divorced from the previous spouses! I mean i go on and on wth the ridiculous stuff she shows.....but i dont want to bore u by doin tht!

Vrij said...

@ Chaks

itne saare situations aur gaane hain us tag mein.. sochna padega!! Will do it soon :)

@ Pri

Totally agree.. Ekta Kapoor hai hai.. she sucks!

@ Pramod

Thats a neat thot.. there should be high censorship on such things. No use if they ban cigarette adverts and show such things.

@ Preeti

Oh yes.. now Ekta is sensationalising Aarushi case. I mean, hasnt the police done enuf to malign her already? But Ekta being Ekta does things her way.. she should be murdered.

@ Ria

What can we do about it dear? Apart from crib? I'm appalled that the censors clear her serials so easily.

Anonymous said...

didnt dr ramdoss see this episode ? i speak abt the health ministeR :)

Anonymous said...

vrij bhai, may be some setting with censor board from Ekta Yuckappor

Ankur said...

As far as i know, Smoking is ban in movies then howcome channels have taken an exception i dont know!!!

I am not a smoker and i dont like them too... but at the same time, i think that there is nothing unetical in it... but yes, government should have something like a timezone in which kids watch channels and at that time it should be banned!!!
We are grown ups so the onus is on us to understand and react!!!



Vrij said...

@ Ashu

I hope Doc Ramadoss sees this post atleast, if not the episode..

@ Ankur

The issue was that they did not actually show smoking. the girl kept an unburned ciggie in her mouth.. so maybe that way they circumvented the rules..

Pavi!!!! said...

Indian TV sumtimes i feel does their best to spoil children or have a blad influence about 'em!
I know there is some good stuff on tv..but but..
Personally i feel parents should NEVER smoke or get sloshed in front of their children. It sets a very bad example in the young minds.