June 04, 2008



Tomorrow is World Environment Day.

Give three solid ideas that can make a small but sure positive impact
on the nature. Keep your ideas practical and simple.

The best opinions featured in the comments will be displayed in the
next post here.

Go Green.
With Trees, not envy!


Keshi said...

cute one.

1.Smile not Frown - brightens up the 'enviornment'...promotes positivity.

2.Dispose not Litter - keeps the environment clean and healthy.

3.Conserve not Waste - water, energy, breath :) etc etc. Helps preserve and save natural resources.


Chakoli said...

take less print outs...the first one... I guess dont take print out is the best option...

throw away plastic say no it... even if shop keeper give it... say no....

Pramod said...

1. Dont buy Plasma TVs
2. Save paper by printing less
3. Grow a plant by your desk at work and take care of it. Its green and also helps relax and provides good oxygen around!

Pavi!!!! said...

nice initiative...

1. For all things that u can - stop postal(paper) mails and get online bills/receipts etc
2. switch of lights when not in use- u save electricity bill too, that way!
3. Don't let the wat run frm the tap whn ur brushing/ scrubbing utensils ets. Saves plenty of water!
4. Use public transport whenever and wherever feasible

(i cld write so many more...but will stop n give others a turn!

Cinderella. said...

Recycle should be the key.

1. Never leave the pc - laptop - tv on standby mode. It consumes more enery that way.

2. Use jute products.

3. Use public transport.

4. Planting trees.

%. Chuck plastic.

There's so much more that can be done..

Vrij said...

Keshi, Chaks, RP, Pavi and Cindy..

Thanx a ton for the wonderful ideas.. truly wonderful!

Aaarti said...

1. Pick up litter wherever you see it..

2. Educate others on how important it is to keep our environment pollution free....

3. Say no to plastic..go towards using paper products-bags, etc..

Ria said...

One thing tht i wud definitely like to add is practice wht u preach!I remember when i was in college i used to always stop my friends from throwing anything outside while traveling in train. I used to take the wrapper or any other thing they had to throw and wait till i reached the next station to throw it away in the dust bin. And after a while they actually started doin it themselves. It cant b done wth everybody but close ones will definitely understand. Another thing is to switch of the PC or Laptop when not in use...most of the ppl keep it in the standby mode but tht also consumes electricity never the less! And hey my office is also celebrating the Environment Week and today there were no dust bins around to encourage ppl to minimize waste. :) Happy Environment Day to all of u!

Princess Mia said...

I'd start with myself

1. Conserve on electricty & water
2. Do not litter
3. Use ecofriendly shopping bags
4. Plant trees

aneri_masi said...

1. Don't take printouts just for the heck of it. If you have to, print on both sides.

2. Don't use the regular wooden pencils (after all the wood does come from trees that have to be cut down!) just use the kinds where u can refill the lead.

3. Take your own shopping bags (I did yesterday, yayy!)

4. Plant drought resistant trees, the kinds that do not need much water, and yet provide the much needed greenery.

5. Try not to use plastic water bottles, use reusable containers.

6. If you HAVE to use all that plastic, and HAVE to throw it, please throw them in the recycle bin! paper, plastic, glass and metal can all be recycled.

Vrij said...

Aarti, Ria, Mia & Aneri.. Thankx a ton for those wonderful suggestions..

Pri said...

well my 3 suggestions should be:

1)dont use plastic bags and other non-biodegradable stuff wherever not necessary...
2)quit smoking and unnecessary use of automobiles and vehicles --this way u can keep the environment healthier...
3)this might be a lil inconvenient but try to plant trees or grow plants around u...