May 22, 2008

Just to let you folks onto...

I have now added some interesting stuff like
  • Railway Zone where you can find trains between two stations, check seat availability, find out the fare and confirm your booking status with PNR Enquiry, and of course all this for trains on the Indian Railways only.

  • Sports Zone features Live scores of all cricket matches played under the jurisdiction of the ICC. And that includes the DLF Indian Premier league also.

  • Sports Zone Live Cricket Wizard gives you LIVE scorecard, commentary and animation of every ball bowled and every wicket taken.

  • Sports Zone also has LIVE Tennis action which includes all matches on the ATP and WTA tours.

  • Sports Zone also has LIVE Formula One action on race weekends.

  • Coming soon on Sports Zone: LIVE Tour de France 2008, in July.

  • Chai Biskut with Vrij also features on the website.

  • Gallery has updates from my personal photo gallery.

Please do visit and do let me know what you think of it...


  1. Ahhh thats prettty cooool

  2. thats cool vrij :)

    btw Im yet to do ur Tag..I hvnt forgotten it cos it's way too cool. I'll do it next.


  3. will check it shortly :)


  4. hey, its pretty cool yaar, one stop shop for some great stuff!

    (now if it were me, it would have a section on cooking, sewing and books also ;p)

  5. Keshi.. Thanx.
    Looking fwd to ur tag.
    Get well soon :)

  6. Ankur.. Do let me know what u think.. and of course, I'm still doing a lot of fine tuning to it.. and adding new features.

  7. Aneri.. Thanx.. and yeah, its a one stop shop for me atleast.

    And well, I donno about sewing but I'll surely look into the cooking part in the near future.

  8. Dekthi hoon..phir comment karungi:-))

  9. vrij Vrij...:-))

    photo gallery to ofc se khuli nahi...:-)))


    yeh ferrari kyun lagagyi huyi hain apne naam ke saath...put soimething related to ur name and occupation...

    Rail info page is good...:_)))

    even the new section is kewl... :-)))

    put in a section to ask for feedback na.. or to get some good points...

    or u can also put in some polling on day to day basis...kuch bhi current news... just as TOI mein aata hain...:-)))

    and u cud also go in help in ur pateint...

    soemthing about teeths...;-))) that too free of cost..:-))

  10. that is really COOL sir :)

  11. Chaks.. Thanx a lot for the review.. a lot of stuff has to be added and some getting checked out. So just a day or two, and there will be something ready.