May 16, 2008

This Slide of ME

Got this extremely amazing tag from Ranga.. the idea being to put up abstract slides depicting oneself without revealing one's photo, name or any direct indicator.

So here is my attempt at showing what I am...

The central scene in the slide depicts the fact that I am still at the low rung of my career and have some distance to go to move to the top... which I intend to do at the earliest.

The left side depicts what one sees of me.... someone extremely fond of good food (of course, I live to eat and not the other way around!).. love wildlife and the environment, mad about trains. The last pic on the left shows two of my other obsessions.. travelling and computers. The computers term would encompass all activities I undertake relating to it like blogging, chatting, webdesigning, etc.

The pics on the right side depict the inner me. Still looking for that small little glimmer of hope which would take me up the ladder to a much better position in life. And the fact that I'm a naive kiddo, an eternal dreamer who incidently loves to sleep at any opportune moment.

And of course, there is a timeline for me to achieve all my targets and dreams, and that is why the calendar becomes the ideal backdrop for the slide.

Let me pass on this tag to:


Lets see what u folks come up with!

PS: The best way to make a pic is download a few that fit you from the net or ur collection, put them in a powerpoint slide and save the slide as an image.


  1. such a DEEP tag WOW!

    U did it so beautifully. from where did ya find that pic? Did u make it? Its just amazing!

    ** And the fact that I'm a naive kiddo, an eternal dreamer who incidently loves to sleep at any opportune moment

    Loved that! Arent well babies sometimes :)

    Im not sure if I can do it in such a wonderful and profound manner as u did it but I'll try. tnxx! :) And I'll let u know when I take up this tag.


  2. **Arent WE ALL babies..


  3. Keshi.. Thanx a lot :)

    I've just added a PS to the post just to let ppl know how I made the pic. Its not at all difficult. Out of the pics I have put up.. the loco, comp and ray of hope are my snaps... rest all are googled!

    And yes.. we all are babies, not just sometimes, but most of the time.

    Looking forward to ur version soon :)

  4. wow u did it well Vrij!

    also check my replies to ur comment in my today's post :)


  5. wow! ur slide is too cool...
    i would love to take up this tag, but considering my technologically challenged self, il'l need some time to figure out how to fix it :-/

    thanks for tagging! :)

  6. I loved this tag of yours. Amazing idea, and you conducted it real neat.

    Loved the baby's pic...sho cute !

    Will do this for sure.

  7. Keshi.. Thanx :)

    Heading to ur blog..

  8. Pri.. Thanx a lot :)
    Its not difficult at all Pri.. just takes images, put them in a ppt and save as jpg.

    I'm looking forward to ur tag.

  9. Cindy.. Thanx baby... its an amazing idea indeed. And yes, the baby's pic is just so cute. Looking haed towards ur tag soon..

    And yep.. Are u travelling to BBS tomm? if yes, Happy Prashnati! :)

  10. oh wow.. amazing pic yaa...

    i cud have been tagged :D :D


  11. Ankur.. Thanx.. and plz do take up the tag by all means.. :)

  12. wow too cool... this is one of the TAGS i loved :))

    and u did it so well.. u knw what this shows?1 u have a clear ahead.. and u knw exactly what yu want..a nd u have a clear idea...what u r :D

    yah... u say --"so what"?

    i say... there are me.. lie yurs truely...who have no clue :D

  13. Cool wud be nice to put together all such pictures....

  14. Wow! this one is very interesting, and very very well done! Mere se to ho hee nahi payega aisa kuch! Wow!

  15. Veens.. Thanx a lot :) You too can take up the tag.. its not an issue..

    Well, I know what I need ahead, but not exactly sure if I have the correct directions.

  16. Akshay.. Welcome to my blog and Thanx a ton for the appreciation :)

  17. Aneri.. Thanx. Kyon nahin ho payega? Its not half as difficult as you think!

  18. Wow! This surely is a wunderful way to read a person's mind! Cool slide Vrij! Really cool...especially theray of light and the yawning baby!~!

    thanks for taking it up.

  19. very different kinda tag!!really liked the way u hav put it. Not everybody can do it though... :)

  20. Ria.. yep, even I loved the tag.. ok, not everyone, but most ppl can do the thing.. its not really half as difficult as you think..

  21. Interesting way to express yourself, what do they say about a picture being better than a thousand words?

    My name is not important and I am the Angry Indian

  22. totally out of context - but the previous post on colour of trains was too good and very informative. do give us more on such topics :)

  23. wowow!!! coool man and nice collage! intreastin.....let's c if i can take this up :DDD

  24. Angry Indian.. Welcome here.. and thanx a lot for the compliments.. indeed a pic says more than words.

  25. Praddy.. I'm surprised u had not seen the post earlier at o3,.. and yep.. Thanx :)

  26. I didnt commented on ur post...and I thot I I visted ur place on friday only...;-))

    I cant find rail tracks, trains... are these not part of u??

  27. very interesting tag. Will try and do it when i find the time for it (at eth earliest).

    As for eth baby pic, i thot u wud say that u love kids and thot there was a msg in it for bhabhi too :D:D:D:D

  28. Chaks.. never mind.. now that u have put in the comment..

    And get ur eyes checked.. cant u see a loco on the slide????

  29. RP.. Thanx:) Waiting to see u take up the tag..

    Even though I dint mean that, ur bhabhi did take up the msg ;)

  30. hmmm... acha hai, little baby ;-)
    am trying to imagine you as a toddler

  31. Nomad baba.. itna zor mat lagao dimaag par.. thak jayega!