May 23, 2008

SMS mode

Every now and again, I get into an SMS mode when I go about a spree sending messages to loads of people. That also means I have a decent collection of interesting forwarded funny messages. A small collection is featured here..

Ravan: Bhiksha de do..
Lady: Ye lo.
Ravan: rekha paar karo. (Lady crosses the rekha)
Ravan: Hahaha, main bhikshuk nahin, Ravan hoon.
Lady: Hehe, main Sita nahin, Rakhi Sawant hoon!!!

Santa Singh and Banta Singh were caught raping a young girl.
There were lined up for the identification parade.
As soon as the girl victim arrived, both started shouting..
"Yehi thi, yehi thi.." :)

Haath mein taaqat hai to Taj Mahal ko hila kar dikha..
warna aa baith, ek peg whiskey maar aur Taj Mahal ko hilta dekh!

Moin Khan gets married.
Next morning media asks his wife how he was in the night.
She says.. "He stood behind the bed and kept yelling.. aur tez dalo Waim bhai" !!

Galileo used to study under a small lamp
Graham Bell studied under candle light
Shakespeare studied under street light

Mujhe samajh nahin aata, kya ye din mein jhak maarte they?

A group of young elephants chatting by the roadside spot a gorgeous young female elephant go by.
A rouge elephant shouts.. "kya maal hai... 3600-2400-3600" !!!

A beautiful dress is of no use unless it inspires someone to take it off !

Cry of a nun whose blood test reports got exchanged with a pregnant womans'..
Good Lord.. dont do miracles.. the Priest's finger could not have done this !!

Six young girls dive into a swimming pool. Suddenly all the water disappears. Why?
Kyuonki Whisper poora geelapan sokh leta hai!

Damaadji pehli baar sasural pahuncha. Gaon walon se poocha.. yahaah enjoy karne koi cheez hai kya?
Gaon wale bole.. Nahin babuji. Ek thi, woh bhi aap le gaye !

Want to enlarge ur sex organs?
No Chemicals
No Drugs
No side-effects
No Baba Ramdevs yoga therapy
100% guaranteed results..
Use Magnifying Glass !!!

He: Jaaneman, is dil mein chale aao.
She: Sandal nikaloon kya?
He: Pagli.. ye mandir thodi na hai.. aise hi aajao !!



Pramod said...


Raapchick hai!!!!

Anonymous said...

hehhee!..sme r good for laughs

Vrij said...

RP.. hai na?

Veens.. Thanx :)

Solitaire said...

I did enjoy the chai!

Ria said...

he he kewl ones!! lol

Garima said...

I loved the enlarge sex orgns one

rantravereflect said...

using magnifying glas.. boooohahahhahahahahahahaha :)
really good unz :)

Vrij said...

Solitaire.. Than Q Than Q :))

Vrij said...

Ria.. Thanx :)

Vrij said...

Garima.. indeed the sex organs one was amazing!

Vrij said...

RRR.. Thanx :)

Pri said...


Vrij said...

Pri.. :)

Chakoli said...

LOL man...:-)))

I missed many posts I guess..:_))

Sushobhan Sen said...

funny jokes :-)