May 25, 2008

Hotel Etiquette

On complaining of delayed service at a Star Hotel:

"We are extremely sorry for the delay Sir. This will not be repeated again. We thank you for your concern and for dining with us."

At a roadside shanty stall:

"Beh******, main kahin bhaag jaa rahoon kya? Itne log baithe hain, thodi der theher jao... saab ka pilane choot jara !!!"


  1. he he nice contrast!!but wht do u enjoy more; food at a five star or at a road side shanty??

  2. Ria.. yep, it was a stark contrast.

    And no points for guessing that I enjoyed the latter !

  3. ROFL!!
    if only u could hear the voice in the head of the former, u would have known how well it matched with the latter :p

  4. Pri.. right, well said.. probably, the voice in the formers head might have been worse than the latters!

  5. haha... u know it such happened once that i was on a lunch date and we went to Sheraton... and a piece of hair came in my girls soup and she dislikes it the most.. she was sayin no no we shld go, pay them and we go, the hotel walas were Sir, how can you and all that... and i was like... god agar doston ke saath aya hota toh aaj toh hum Sheraton ki band baja kar jaate... :P :P

    but i tell u any day road side dhabas are D BEST!!!! ANYDAY!!! :D :D


  6. LOL>..

    so what would u prefer...???

    still roa side dhaba is better fr me;-))

  7. buahahahhha:)
    changin shades of customer service!!
    amesome man!

    guess the money we sell outta our pockets is the biggets decidin factor i life, after all!

    class ya mass?:)

  8. lolz.. yep, this happens...

    I prefer road side shanty stalls anyday.. food is good, place is chilled out.. and not heavy on wallet ;)

  9. Ankur.. i swear.. thats what I feel so many times I have to shut up because wifey is along.. only if I'd been with the gang, uski band baja ke wapas aate..

  10. RRR.. yes, its the moolah that counts.. but still, I just love the thelas..

  11. I couldnt stop laughing reading this one hehe

    hey I see you blogrolled me, thank u so much, i quite liked yur blog as well, quite peppy n chirpy, long n short of it, its i am blogrolling u as well

  12. Anvita.. Thanx for appreciating my blog.. I liked urs too, hence blogrolled it.

  13. that was zillarious esp bh***