May 11, 2008

'Caste'ic Soda

" Equality before law: The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. "

Thus says the Article 14 in THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA 1949.

Last night, NDTV 24x7 showed an exit poll after the First phase of polling for the Assembly elections in Karnataka. Half of the discussion was dominated by the view that the BJP has eaten into the Vokkaliga pie that JD-S had traditionally claimed. The fact that the second and third phases of polling were to be held in the Lingayat strongholds where conventionally the JD-S was poor and the community supported BJP was not left untapped.

They even went to the extent of quizzing the BJP's Chief Ministerial candidate Mr. Yediyurappa about the inroads made into the Vokkaliga vote bank. Even on his insistence that in todays world its good governance and stability that matters over caste, the elite panel of Prannoy Roy, latest PadmaShri Barkha Dutt, Dorab Sopariwala and Srinivasan Jain continued their tirade of questions on caste based voting.

So, who's spreading the caste divide? The politicians or the news makers? If we chastise the babus for that, the same should be done to the newsmakers. Whats ur view?


  1. Agree with your view.

    Newsmakers sometimes magnify things where unnecessary also.. and they are very capable of making mountains out of molehills and making issues out of non issues..

    Eg.. our very own TV9!

  2. That is why I just look for the weather reports on TV. That is the only thing news channels can never sensationalzie!

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  3. News, politocian and we ...should all be hanged!!!!

    Why TV serve us these nuisance coz we njoy it... and to soemone who is not that matured it actually affects there mentality and become the huge supporters....!!!!

    There is nothing which is not supported....and there is nothing which could go without it...

    So even if news people gave us all crap... we still are fools to follow it..

  4. This is somethin thats been on my mind for long now.. i have seen that media loves to blow things out of proportion and i feel they are the ones who cause michief in most cases...

    and well, what do i tell about the gullible audience who buys all that is fed to them and promptly reacts on them...

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  5. Sindhu.. why just TV9.. every second channel does that..

  6. Ranga boss.. have you watched NDTV's weather report? The reporter stands on the rooftop of a building with wind blowing just for the effect. And so many times they contradict themselves. And their pollution watch is a class apart!

    Interesting tag u have.. will take it up soon :)

  7. Chaks.. news, polticians..but why we?? why shud we be hanged?

  8. Aaarti.. exactly.. its ur news walas who are the chief mischief makers.

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  9. Cud you deatch urself frm them? and sit with ur eyes ears mouth shut?

  10. the TV channel people EXAGGERATE every other damn thng... but well they do SOME good things too.... so i cant js go all against them

    politicians... media :-/

  11. Ahem, politics and me... :-/

  12. the media always stirs things up. Fuckers.

    btw come n take part in my current post Vrij. :)


  13. Rename ur blog title as chai lime with vrij....

    U never offer us biskut.....!!!!:-\....;-)))