March 13, 2008

Where do I get Mishti Dhoi ???

Where the hell do I get Mishti Dhoi in Hyderabad ?
Wifey dear ordered for it and I searched a few places where I thought it should be available. But was disappointed. Can u believe it that I could not get it in a Bengali Sweet Shop like Madhuban???
So, obviously, Tiwari Brothers, Almond House, Balaji Ratanlal, Sri Krishna, Agrawala, Delhi Wala and Pulla Reddy did not have it for sure! Someone told me Dadu's might have it, but I've lost interest. And moreover, in a day or two, wifey will forget about it !!!


  1. LOL.....

    I m wondering... hyderabda is a place where u usually get all stuff...hw come u dnt get dohi....

    but u seems to be happy that wifey will forget:-))))

  2. if u think it won't spoil...I could get you guys some tomorrow :D

  3. Chaks.. I just hope she does. :)

    Chandni.. That wud be great. But then, what time of the day will u arrive here? Coz me is working tomm :(

  4. mishti dohi .............Simply yummy...i donno abt hyderabad but good u reminded me n i knw whr i shall get in bombay

  5. Do you have a mother dairy there? they sell misti doi in delhi....

  6. Done with ur tagg:-))))

    SO what was the result??Diid your sweethert forgot?

  7. uhoh u sure??
    we women dont forget easily esp when it comes to sweets :-/

  8. Kaua.. when i head to Bbay, will call u!

    NG.. no MD in Hyd :(

    Chaks.. the lady has a long memory!

    Pri.. u r spot on.. I've been tortured wrt the dhoi for the entire month should I say?

  9. Hi... I can understand your situation...!!! ;-)

    try this link...

    will keep you updated if anything else works out..!!!

    take care