March 21, 2008

Bezwada Magic !

I am currently having a good time at Vijayawada spending my extended weekend holidays!

We reached here yesterday afternoon after a fine railfanning session aboard the 2706 Secunderabad - Guntur Intercity Express. I had fun with the trains we crossed, overtook or those which overtook us on the way. Noted down most of the sightings much to the dismay of wifey dear.

Today morning was abruptly awoken from my slumber by wifey to witness a beautiful sunrise from behind the hill. It has been raining here since morning and the weather is perfect!

Saturday night an overnight rail fanning session has been planned at the station here, and I am looking ahead eagerly to that.



Chakoli said...


u are having nice time for sure...njoy.....

Vrij said...

Yep Chaks.. I did have a fantastic time.

Aaarti said...

Woww.. nice.. have fun~!!!


divya said...

ummm nice place :)


Pri said...

cool! wish u two a nice time!:)
sigh! i soo very much want to go on a holiday now :(

Vrijilesh said...

Aarti/Divs.. yep, we had a great time!

Pri.. yep, we had a fantastic time.. and if u so feel like, u shud take off on a hol!