March 31, 2008

The Why of Boring Movies

Do movie makers ever watch their produce before throwing the dice in front of unsuspecting audience?

I got this thought after reading/hearing reviews of the latest headbuster One, Two, Three. Rajeev Masand told me (well, actually he told everyone on his TV show) that he would not see the movie even if the producer pays him to do so. Check out another rant at Pri's place.

That brings me to thought above? Don't these moviemakers ever watch what they have made? Do they have previews to see if what has turned up is worth watching? Or if the money spent on the stars would be recovered? I just do not get it at all. Forget making a movie, I do check each of my blog posts before posting if its come up right and even after its been posted, I do the same. Now it does not cost me megabucks to put up a blog post, but it does for those bozo moviemakers. Plus its their reputation at stake. Its okay if there is a message to convey to the public much like the Doordarshan documentries. Or if only some people do not like a movie much (my father was not that enamoured by Chak De..) then its ok. But when every person you meet asks you to avoid a movie like plague, then there is something clinically wrong in the movie and the moviemaker.

Mangal Pandey was a super flop commercially, but it did win a lot of acclaim for the story, performances, etc. Paheli was probably the most boring movie I ever saw (I have stayed away from 123 as yet!), but it did win a lot of acclaim for the story and potrayal which even I appreciated. I hated Hey Baby even though much of the audience lapped it up. But what about such movies as 123, which no one wants to see?

Forget the actors and the director, why can't the producer take the director to task for making a complete hash of precious moolah? I'd rather save those crores in a Fixed Deposit and get 8.5 % interest. I bet even the dwindling share bazaar would not have made enuf mincemeat of the money as such a movie did.

Maybe our producers need a lesson or two in sensible investments.

March 21, 2008

Bezwada Magic !

I am currently having a good time at Vijayawada spending my extended weekend holidays!

We reached here yesterday afternoon after a fine railfanning session aboard the 2706 Secunderabad - Guntur Intercity Express. I had fun with the trains we crossed, overtook or those which overtook us on the way. Noted down most of the sightings much to the dismay of wifey dear.

Today morning was abruptly awoken from my slumber by wifey to witness a beautiful sunrise from behind the hill. It has been raining here since morning and the weather is perfect!

Saturday night an overnight rail fanning session has been planned at the station here, and I am looking ahead eagerly to that.


March 13, 2008

Where do I get Mishti Dhoi ???

Where the hell do I get Mishti Dhoi in Hyderabad ?
Wifey dear ordered for it and I searched a few places where I thought it should be available. But was disappointed. Can u believe it that I could not get it in a Bengali Sweet Shop like Madhuban???
So, obviously, Tiwari Brothers, Almond House, Balaji Ratanlal, Sri Krishna, Agrawala, Delhi Wala and Pulla Reddy did not have it for sure! Someone told me Dadu's might have it, but I've lost interest. And moreover, in a day or two, wifey will forget about it !!!

March 11, 2008

Aath ka baap..

Tagged by Chandni an eon ago.. taking it up now..

Eight things I am passionate about
  • My sleep
  • The Indian Railways
  • My Desktop
  • My dear Sony Ericsson K790i
  • New Technology
  • Inculcating civic sense in the dumbos on road
  • This blog??
  • Fellow bloggers??

Eight things I want to do before I die

  • Travel around the country to all its corners
  • Do a rail yatra of the country
  • Drive a train
  • Make my name in the field of public (& health) awareness
  • Watch a formula 1 race from the Ferrari pit garage
  • Coach the Indian Cricket team (for the moolah folks!)
  • Own a supercomputer
  • Run a worthwhile NGO

Eight things I say often

  • Holy Sh*t!
  • F*** U
  • Goddamn it!
  • Awesome!
  • Bozos..
  • Whoa !
  • Hellos...
  • Aur bolo..

Eight books I’ve read recently

  • What?
  • What?
  • What?
  • What?
  • What?
  • What?
  • What?
  • What?

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over

  • Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye
  • Raat kali ek khwaab mein aayi
  • Dil tadap tadap ke
  • Kuch toh hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai
  • Kar chale hum fida jaan vatan saathiyon
  • Jab koi baat bigad jaaye
  • Chandi jaisa roop hai tera
  • Ghoonghat ki aad se dilbar ka

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends

  • Sense of Humour
  • Level headedness
  • Tech-talk
  • Foodiepan
  • Time-pass chatter
  • Ferro-equinologism
  • Travel bugs
  • 'Hatela'giri

People I think should do this tag

  • Chakoli
  • Sindhu
  • Gayathri
  • Pramod
  • Divya
  • N aka Zephyr