February 23, 2008

The Wonder Years

Not tagged, but taken up. Post inspired from Chandni's..

Here are snaps of me and wifey as we were eons ago...

Me was the seedha saadha obedient, silent, studious child who was always prim n proper. Wifey was (and is) the more fun loving of us and the pic depicts that so well. Her pic was taken on one of their trips in the annual holidays, while mine was on one of my birthdays just before cutting the cake!



  1. Kewl man!!!

    'but ur wife is more cute then you:-))))

  2. lolz yeah i go with chakoli :P

  3. And u seedha saadha....

    that soemthing to be asked from ur wife....:PPP

  4. Divs.. yep, I know..

    Chaks.. read the sentence properly.. I said I was seedha saadha.. past tense. Not present!

  5. I love both the pics!! Really nice :)

    All u simple seedha saada men are saddled with fun loveing gunda wives :D

  6. Nice.. saw similar pics on Chandni's blog..

    n whoa, i almost used this template, was looking for some to change on my blog~~ :)

  7. Even I cant agree for past.....:PPPP

  8. Today is rail budget day...anyhting spl??


  9. Oh. nice idea for a post! Can it be taken as a tag? :D

    is that really you? You looked cute as a kid!! ;) :D

    D was cute as a kid too!

    Hows D? hows everything with you?? Any meets being planned?

  10. RP.. Thanx

    Chandni.. oh yeah.. ye kahaan phas gaye hum..

  11. Aarti.. Welcome to this place. Yep, my post has been inspired by Chandni's.

    And use the template if u please. I don't have a copyright over it ;)

  12. Chaks.. check out cplash.com for my rail budget post..

    Keerthi.. do take it up as a tag.. I'm keen to know how ur boss looks like, never mind if its only a few years ago! And wat do u mean I looked cute as a kid. I'm still cute. And so is D.
    Reg the meet.. I guess some ppl need to get into their pink of health b4 we can discuss that!

  13. Hmm.. on second thoughts - I am not taking it up :D

    I have no one to put next to me. And my boss, if he ever does this, will put up his wife's pic anyways and not mine :D So no point doing it.

    Maybe yeah.. when I get married, the first thing I might do is this :))

  14. Keerthi.. good that u saw light! But sad that we missed out on some spice!

    Chaks.. :)

  15. That's cute! :) Liked both the expressions in the pics.. would never have guessed its you..! :P
    Btw, that's a good idea for a post for the uninspired souls....
    ...Question is, do I choose a pair.. or pair myself with someone! ;)