February 06, 2008

Virgins in Goa !

The last place one might expect to find virgins in this holy land is Goa.

However, this is what has happened. On Wednesday, a lot of interesting activity that was scheduled to commence on Thursday in this small paradise on the west coast of the Deccan Peninsula was cancelled. Quite a few virgins had gathered eagerly for this once in a lifetime occasion where virgins would be discovered and initiated into a new world. To the world of the grown-ups. Many of the attendees, though not virgins, were quite interested in the activity even though they were quite experienced in the field and had come from lands afar for this occasion. Unfortunately, all of them had to return back disappointed. None of them had a taste of the action which they had been longing for.

The ones who were experienced might not have felt as bad as they would surely had expected a lot of ups and downs in this field. But spare a thought for those sweet youngsters who had pinned all hopes on this for something they would have looked forward to since their younger days. Alas, they were left alone without a thought. They felt completely let down. It was not the way they had hoped things would progress. It was downright rejection that they faced.

The National Badminton Camp in Goa was called off due to unavailability of cocks ;)



  1. Tooo good man!!!!


    I was actually thinking.... how come this event is not on any news channel...


    So when is this meet scheduled next....we could also line up:DDDD

  2. Thanx Chaks..

    And u really wanna go the next time? U think u'd get the cocks??

    Better stick wid ur tadks ;)

  3. Err..Didn't really get it Vrij...(I know I know.. Dimwit me!)


    I dnt care for cocks.....

    going GOA itself is sufficient for me:-)))


    mayb we the men should go :DDDD

  6. Hahahahahha!!!!!!

    The important questions is if the camp was for boys or gals or both :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  7. lolz lolz :D

    hahaha...thoroughly enjoyed

  8. Curious.. Hmm.. think think.. or maybe ask someone..

    Chaks.. Aah.. maybe u shud tell when ur off to Goa..

    Pras.. Amen!

    Prams.. well.. the camp was I guess for both!

    Divya.. Welcome to this place. And feels good to know that u enjoyed the visit. :)

  9. hhehehehhehehe...
    hope that time comes soon:-)))

    Anyways hws ur Vday??

  10. @ vrij ...

    quite an irony this ... with the availability of lot of chicks ... birdflew spreads ...

    and because of birdflew there would be shortage of cocks !

  11. don't u think its time for a new post, yes???

  12. Chaks.. hmm.. Vday was good. Worked half a day and then went out to lunch wid biwi..

    Vamsi.. Yep.. that was the reason purpoted!

    Chandni.. I guess so..

  13. The last place one might expect to find virgins in this holy land is Goa.

    umm why?