February 21, 2008

A gathering of Nut-cases

A few days ago, Feb 9th and 10th to be more precise, a few nutcases gathered in Kanpur for venting out their feelings on railway madness. It was a professionally organised convention much like how a lot of official gatherings happen, with a set agenda and what not.

Almost all of the participants enjoyed to the core except urs truly. Not that I did not enjoy.. but not that much!

The reason being that I was doing the live blog from the venue for the benefit of those who could not attend the convention. At the end of two days, my fingers were quite numb and tired. In fact, there being net connectivity issues on day 1, I was using my mobile with its GPRS connection to do the live blogging! And that virtually killed my thumb. But it was worth the effort. It felt good to be able to blogcast an event live for the benefit of others. In a way, I got to hear everything that was talked. Only regret was that I could not participate in the Quiz :(

The Blog can be accessed at: http://cnb2008.wordpress.com

A few snaps of me doing the good deed :



  1. Wow...Thats agr8 job....

    I dont knw but to offer soemone quick and live updates is one of the job I njoy...its like "ME first":-)))

    Gr work.....

    visit a physitherapist for ur thumb:DDD

  2. @ vrij ...

    that's a nice "website" your have made ... and offering chai biskut at the top is really awesome ... nice ...

  3. Chaks.. Thanx a lot.. yeah, it did feel very good at the end of the day!

    Vamsi.. Thanx. And please do partake of the chai biskut..

  4. what rubbish!

    U were busy sending comments on mu blog during the conference :D

  5. Hi Vrij,
    I guess live blogging is hard work, but your hard work during CNB2008 was a great boon to people who couldn't attend the live event.
    I for one thoroughly enjoyed the live blog...ya, I was checking the blog every 20 minutes that day. Thanks for the good work! And Keep Live blogging future IRFCA conventions!