February 28, 2008

Do Not Call... What ???

Have pesky telemarketeers been bothering u? If yes, then you have something in common with me! I have a perennial grudge against them. Many a time I have blasted them, disconnected them, told them curtly not to trouble me with their amazing schemes.. but to no avail.

Nowadays, I educate them on the existance of a "Do not Call Registry". Most of them are not aware of this grand scheme launched by TRAI. I tried complaining to my service provider's customer care, and some of their own representatives have no clue about the DNCR ! Here is something I faced today and have recorded it for posterity sake. The 'dhamkis' towards the end have been largely exaggerated, but it makes a decent hear though!


Have fun, Enjoy !!!


  1. LOL....

    damn good man!!!!

    YUp s I agree....nobody is aware of this rule.... many service providers themselves appear so inncoent..... that it feels to hang urself...fr the torture...

  2. @ vrij ...

    eventhough the TRAI has this grand scheme of no call directory ... the situation doesnt seem to be improving ...

    seems that telemarketers just cannot be controlled ... i just wonder how do they get these numbers in the first place ...

    the cell phone companies are legally obliged not to give the telephone numbers to these telemarketers ...

    i suppose ... these telemarketers just dial some random numbers ... like call all numbers that end from 001 to 100 ...

    if that is the case ... even telephone companies would not be able to control these telemarketers right ?

  3. Kya baat hai Vrij bhai!!!!!!

    Dara daala unko :) I guess TRAI should swoop down on the companies and enforce the DNCR offenders.

  4. ROFL!
    The poor girl by the end was quite apologetic!

  5. cant hear frm work!! will go home nd listen to it :DD

  6. Chaks.. Yes.. nobody is aware of this and i'm just trying to make ppl notice!

    Vamsi.. Ur bang on target.. those nerds just randomly dial numbers.. shooting in the dark..

    Rp.. haan yaar..

    Chandni.. I hope that was for real.. and not just talk!

    Pras.. did u happen to hear it?

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  8. Wow, that was good.. i have been thru this so many times, but the cus support people are lost all the time.. they got no clues abt all these norms .. n well, they got no clues who they are talking to either... random calls..

    annoying... n sad...

  9. She is only doing her job. Why were you so rude to her, Vrij Rai? :/

  10. Aarti.. its indeed sad. My biggest grouse is the fact that they dont know whom they are speaking to.

    Roop.. Welcome here.. waise I wasnt rude at all (if u know how rude I can be!!!) Ur argument is a dicey one.. there are so many fields in which one can use the argument. And I'm sure it does not hold much water. What they are doing is not only unethical but also illegal. And what about the companies they work for? Those are BIG organisations. Dont you think they too promote this? So, why forgive them?

  11. If I get 25 calls like that every day...I have a birth right to be rude!

    And I ask for an interest free loan of Rs 5 crores each time they call me....

    ...or I put a condition...buy my bike, washing machine, computer and TV first!