February 28, 2008

Do Not Call... What ???

Have pesky telemarketeers been bothering u? If yes, then you have something in common with me! I have a perennial grudge against them. Many a time I have blasted them, disconnected them, told them curtly not to trouble me with their amazing schemes.. but to no avail.

Nowadays, I educate them on the existance of a "Do not Call Registry". Most of them are not aware of this grand scheme launched by TRAI. I tried complaining to my service provider's customer care, and some of their own representatives have no clue about the DNCR ! Here is something I faced today and have recorded it for posterity sake. The 'dhamkis' towards the end have been largely exaggerated, but it makes a decent hear though!

Have fun, Enjoy !!!

February 23, 2008

The Wonder Years

Not tagged, but taken up. Post inspired from Chandni's..

Here are snaps of me and wifey as we were eons ago...

Me was the seedha saadha obedient, silent, studious child who was always prim n proper. Wifey was (and is) the more fun loving of us and the pic depicts that so well. Her pic was taken on one of their trips in the annual holidays, while mine was on one of my birthdays just before cutting the cake!


February 21, 2008

A gathering of Nut-cases

A few days ago, Feb 9th and 10th to be more precise, a few nutcases gathered in Kanpur for venting out their feelings on railway madness. It was a professionally organised convention much like how a lot of official gatherings happen, with a set agenda and what not.

Almost all of the participants enjoyed to the core except urs truly. Not that I did not enjoy.. but not that much!

The reason being that I was doing the live blog from the venue for the benefit of those who could not attend the convention. At the end of two days, my fingers were quite numb and tired. In fact, there being net connectivity issues on day 1, I was using my mobile with its GPRS connection to do the live blogging! And that virtually killed my thumb. But it was worth the effort. It felt good to be able to blogcast an event live for the benefit of others. In a way, I got to hear everything that was talked. Only regret was that I could not participate in the Quiz :(

The Blog can be accessed at: http://cnb2008.wordpress.com

A few snaps of me doing the good deed :


February 06, 2008

Virgins in Goa !

The last place one might expect to find virgins in this holy land is Goa.

However, this is what has happened. On Wednesday, a lot of interesting activity that was scheduled to commence on Thursday in this small paradise on the west coast of the Deccan Peninsula was cancelled. Quite a few virgins had gathered eagerly for this once in a lifetime occasion where virgins would be discovered and initiated into a new world. To the world of the grown-ups. Many of the attendees, though not virgins, were quite interested in the activity even though they were quite experienced in the field and had come from lands afar for this occasion. Unfortunately, all of them had to return back disappointed. None of them had a taste of the action which they had been longing for.

The ones who were experienced might not have felt as bad as they would surely had expected a lot of ups and downs in this field. But spare a thought for those sweet youngsters who had pinned all hopes on this for something they would have looked forward to since their younger days. Alas, they were left alone without a thought. They felt completely let down. It was not the way they had hoped things would progress. It was downright rejection that they faced.

The National Badminton Camp in Goa was called off due to unavailability of cocks ;)


February 03, 2008

The New Year Cake !!

This was the New Year cake cut by the three couples and a one month old baby!